Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, long time no see!

Ok so it's been a loooonnnggg while since I've posted! Thanks to someone commenting, who I didnteven know had read it, I'm making another post. So what to post about today, oh wait I know.

Kim Kardashian or whatever. Have you guys heard about how much she spent on her wedding?! 10 MILLION dollars! There are people in the country starving to death and she has 10 million to blow on a wedding, wow amazing. People can't find jobs, cant pay bills, can't afford food, housing, or anything but God forbid a celeb can't spend 10 million on a wedding! Now, I will say it was a beautiful wedding, her dress was perfect, but still.

Ok and a bunch of people watch that show called, the real housewives of beverly hills.  You all have probably already heard Russel killed himself right? I'm not saying the guy wasn't depressed but does anyone else think its publicity? Like he's not really dead it was just like a play or something just to get attention? Oh yea and more money. If my thoughts are wrong I'm sorry but I'm not going to believe it until I see a photo of his body in a coffin. Which by the way,no photos that I know of have been taken of really anything that proves hes dead.

Ok, now on to facebook. I've met a LOT of new friends. Otherwise known as "Glamberts". In those friends I've learned about one VERY weird girl. She tried to play her facebook off like she was the real Adam Lambert and said he was male and female and was pregnant. Even the REAL adam lambert was talking about her, stupid girl! Did she think she could ACTUALLY pull that off? Wow, people can be stupid sometimes. Anyway, bottom line the girl is stupid as she can be.

So what else is in the news? Anyone hear about Chaz Bono going to be on Dancing with the Stars? YEA ITS HAPPENING! I'm glad to see him on there! Cher is a beautiful woman, and sure Chaz used to be a girl, but who cares? Can he dance? Probably! I'd watch it! Props to Chaz for not being ashamed of himself!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

OMG Busy!

Omg Ive been sooo busy lately! Im trying to clean out some office space and found out something super exciting LOL and it's just amazing but busy. Anyway, I'm cleaning out an office space, like I said, and the problem isn't just it being dirty or cluttered but it's been uninhabited for probably a couple of years.
With it being summer the wasps are all around in it. Ive searched all over the web looking for more natural ways to kill them or repel them. Now everyone suggested hair spray, what it does is when it dries it just keeps them from flying but it may still attract the other wasps and cause them to sting YOU.
Now, Im the more natural type when it comes to stuff like this. I've heard about these wasp trap things. They don't use any harsh chemicals or anything which is great to put around trees or buildings since its less hazardous. So I made one out of a combination of different things and Ideas. I actually made a lot and I will give you the instructions below if you would like to try it out.

The best thing is to make sure the bottle is colored red,orange, or yellow like a bright reflective tape or something. It attracts the wasps to your trap.
Now you will need a bottle like a 2 liter coke bottle (that works best) but even a few of the smaller ones like a 12OZ or something works. COKE A COLA BOTTLES WORK BEST SINCE THEY ARE BRIGHT RED.
Next, with caution, cut the bottle off at the neck. Usually its just a few inches below where the cap is on the bottle. The best place to cut on coke bottles is where the bottle starts to round.
Next throw away the cap because you wont need it
After that get the bigger half of the bottle (this is the bottom of the bottle) This part is where you will put the items in to attract the wasps
Now there are many ways to bait the trap I have used plenty, the best is put one teaspoon of laundry soap in, 2-6 teaspoons of water, and one table spoon of sugar. The sugar attracts them, the water would drown them, and the laundry soap will kill them later in case they escape. Other ways is pure sugar water, where u put about 4 tea spoons of water in and a table spoon of sugar and mix well. Some people use a cup of apple juice and pineapple juice (canned pineapple juice is fine) Ive actually used apple sauce and water and gotten a great result.
If it is spring or early summer its better to use some meat (nasty yes) but raw meat works best like hamburger meat in some sugar water. This is when wasps are looking for protein and chicken just doesnt cut it lol. However, in later summer and early winter sweet items work best, but you can still use meat with it.
Whatever mixture you use make sure it is mixed well.
After you mix your items in the lower half of the bottle take the neck part you cut off and place it UPSIDE DOWN like a funnel. This will allow the wasps to get in but since the opening is so small it makes it hard for them to escape.
tape the funnel part down so it wont blow away when you place it outside.
It helps to put some cooking oil like vegetable oil or Vaseline or even petroleum jelly on the funnel part so they will slip into the hole
You can also poke holes in the top of the funnel/bottle and put a string through it to hang in a tree or some where else.
Make sure you put a sign on them to tell people it is a wasp trap. Please don't hang them in high traffic areas that people are around often. This is a wasp trap which means living wasps will be attracted to it and if people are around they may anger the wasps and be stung.
On mine I printed out some bright red and yellow signs saying "CAUTION WASP TRAP"

This has really helped a lot with getting rid of wasps. Another technique I don't recommend is if you know where the nest is you can soak it with soapy water and run. It may kill them in minutes but it is VERY dangerous because it wont kill them instantly and they can still chase you. It is best to place traps early morning or night time because the wasps are asleep. NEVER TRY TO TAKE DOWN A WASP NEST THAT IS ACTIVE!!!! THEY WILL CHASE YOU!!!! Who knows if you're lucky you may catch the queen of nearby nests!!!! That will take out the whole nest or most of it because the others follow the queen and if she is stuck in your trap the others will follow her.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hi everyone I haven't posted in a while i've been soooo busy lately! I'm so sorry for not posting! Anyway, this is a very special post. Unfortunately for some reason blogger refuses to upload my blog videos so video blogging may be a while away BUT in better news, I'm thinking of uploading a "It gets better" video to you tube! First I'll post my "speech" in this post so you can read it and hopefully benefit from it before I record the video. The way I have it planned may be TOTALLY different than the video because on these subjects I speak my heart when I get into it, I don't go through a written thing. Anyway read on for my "speech" in quotation marks =)

"Ok,look I'm not going to sit here and tell you I know what it's like to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or anything like that because I don't. I do know what it's like to be bullied and beat up and treated like crap just because I was different.
When I was still in school, even elementary school, I was always picked on for being over weight. I had my first suicidal thought in 4th grade followed by a nervous breakdown. The story behind it is simple.
At gym class all the kids picked on me because I wasn't good at baseball. I didn't like the sport period so obviously I wasnt good at it.
When we came back the guidance counselor told us it was ok to be mad or sad about something. She told us when we felt bad to put our feelings down on paper and throw it away. I figured there was no point in telling the teachers what happened to me every day, they didn't do anything anyway. I took the counselors advice. In history I finished my test early so I turned it in and grabbed a piece of paper. I started to write down everything I felt. When the teacher walked by (I was secretive of everything because I was afraid someone would make fun of me for whatever it was) I hid the paper. He thought I was cheating and took the paper. He read it to the class and everyone laughed at me even the teacher. I immediately cried and ran from the class room. I was taken to the counselors office and she made everyone come in and apologize. It didn't help, they didn't mean it. They continued to bully me. Even on the play ground I wasn't safe!  After the classroom ordeal I didn't hardly speak to anyone for years, even my own parents. I kept to myself, became depressed, the whole nine yards. I felt like I couldn't express myself anymore. I was afraid to.
My school years, with the bullies and things, I blame for my social anxiety. I'm never comfortable around anyone. There's a guy that I absolutely love to death and I can't even be comfortable around him! I don't eatin public because I'm afraid of someone "picking on me" even at 18.
It didn't help that my mom ended up abandoning me because she was ashamed of me. She loved my step sister more than me because she was the social butterfly and a cheerleader and she was skinny. It was depressing to be second. It was also depressing to be compared to someone you've only known for a few days. As soon as my step dad and my mom got married, I was instantly supposed to change. I was forced to be like a live in maid for my step sister and drunken step dad. One day I even woke up in the middle of the night and he was walking naked through the house. When I told my mom she grounded me and told me never to tell if it was true, but I was a liar in her eyes.
What made it worse was I was literally barred in my room with no windows or anything. In the winter it would get so cold, The heater would go out and I had no heat. Some nights I thought Id freeze to death, all my sources of heat were taken away. I wished for death a lot in those days, it never came. I tell myself it's because I have a higher purpose, like all of you.
You have to understand, I was even homeless at one point. When I would get home from school I would have a backpack and I would put my homework in it, and some changes of clothes and go wherever someone would take me in. I didn't have to be homeless, but finding a warm place to sleep at night without the fear of being locked up like a caged animal was better than where I was at. Remembering when I lived there, I cry almost every time. Not because of the abuse or neglect or anything, but because I felt like not even my own mother loved me. I still feel that way. I never call her anymore, every time I do she talks about how im not good enough or something.
People wonder why I support gay marriage. It's because everyone is different, everyone has the right to express themselves and be comfortable. Denying any person the right to be happy is denying them life, love, and peace. How does it get better? Simple. For me, I graduated at the top of my class because even though those bullies picked on me, I came out better than they ever did. Those bullies RIGHT NOW are mostly drug addicts, baby mommas and daddies living in poverty, while the people who were my true friends are going to college. Me and my friends were picked on in school. It took me a while to find people who understand what I've been through, but I found them.
Bottom line, it gets better. It gets much better. I promise it does. If you ever need someone to talk to you can email me at I'd be happy to talk to you. I dont care who you are, your skin color, you orientation, I just care about you because you are a PERSON not a animal, or some sort of freak. You deserve to be happy no matter what. You CAN be happy,but you have to be here for that to happen. If you aren't here the problem is just left for everyone else who is. Taking yourself out of it doesn't solve anything. It gets better, but only with your help and the help of others. It won't get better overnight but someday, it will be so much better than you could ever imagine."

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ok so I'm thinking about doing interviews with people sort of like a talk show type of thing. These would show up in the video blog page of course =) but if anyone is reading this and would like to be interviewed feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email at I'd be happy to interview you =) I'm thinking of putting up and advertising thing to so if anyone is interested in that in that it's a small fee. Oh and before I forget, has anyone heard of a band called skillet? Well, if you havent you probably know a song ot two by them and don't even know it! Hero Comatose Monster Those three are the MOST commonly known as far as I know. You can also find them on youtube =) happy jamming!

Friday, July 15, 2011

To Fat To Have A Parent?

So a lot of people have seen that a law is trying to be passed where overweight kids will be taken away from their parents. I guess no one will know their real parents in a few years! Some kids can't help being fat. Some have health conditions that cause them to be overweight, some have genetic disorders, some are disabled. Me personally I'm overweight due to a medical condition. I make to much insulin! My doctor told me that I was the opposite of a diabetic and was making to much insulin so my body stores it as fat until it needs it. A lot of people suffer from this condition and it's very common in overweight people who aren't diabetics. I've been checked several times because doctors thought I was a diabetic. I finally went to a doctor with a lot of experience in weight loss and she said "I bet you make to much insulin." I NEVER HEARD OF THAT! She said it was actually really common but not a lot of doctors think of it. All it took was a simple blood test to make sure I wasn't a diabetic, which was normal. After that was cleared I was started on a diabetic medication for insulin regulation and she said "We'll up the dosage until you start loosing a little bit of weight naturally." Sure enough I started loosing weight with no change to my diet at all! I was taking 500 MG of metformin twice a day. I lost TEN POUNDS in just a couple of days and my weight didn't go up and down so much. It was a miracle! I had struggled with weight for years and just kept gaining no matter what diet I was on, and it took just a simple pill to solve it. Now I will warn you all who think you suffer from this, talk to your doctor about it. It IS a problem if its left untreated. Ask your doctor to test you for diabetes, after that if you are not a diabetic then ask your doctor if it's possible you could be making to much insulin. Ask them to put you on a trial diet to see if you lose weight on that plan. If you do keep doing it to see how long it stays off, if it comes back and you're following the diet rule by rule then confront your doctor again about it and ask her to give you a trial of metformin to see if it helps you loose weight. Now beware, if you don't have diabetes and your insulin level is fine then a long term trial of metformin or a similar drug may damage to your pancreas. But if you TRULY cannot loose weight no matter what diet you follow, exercise program, or even with medication for weight loss, then please go to your doctor you may have a small problem like this one. Getting it treated is very simple and once your insulin is regulated you won't never have to take it again unless it acts up again. Metformin is the medication I was on and I took it every day twice a day for two months and managed to loose 20 pounds with no diet change and I still continue to loose weight even without the medication. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Anyone heard of that song? The one in this post title? It's by slipknot. Originally I only liked the song "Before I forget" by them, but now I love sooooo many more songs by them lol. Like Sulfer and Duality. I don't like the drummer though because in the psycho social music video he looks like a gothic version of Jesus with a crown of thorns. Oh well, his sin not mine right? lol not forcing that view on anyone of course. If anyones interested in listening to the songs, I'll add a link to them at Amazon. Psychosocial Duality those two are GREAT songs! Also, Before I Forget is a good one to. They are all .99 cents a piece at Amazon, which is a good deal because I've seen them sell as single MP3's for 2 dollars plus. So go check it out! =D

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kinda Depressed Now...

Ok so I had a group for this blog on facebook, still do. There was almost 100 people in it, mostly from my friend group. Everyone stayed in the group for about a they all removed themselves...-sigh- I guess my blog just isn't doing to great......I don't want to shut it down, but no one gives a rip about it. I get no comments, no one votes on things, I can promote it all I want, doesn't mean other people would read it. It's grade school all over again I guess >_>

Hello Friend!

Ok so my brothers wife had a girl from a previous marriage. The girl was put up for adoption when she was about 7 and I was about 8. Me and her played all the time, and when she left, of course, it was sad. Now I found her. Shes a lesbian, she plays softball, and lives in CA. She probably wouldn't even remember me, but I remembered her =) I hope I can some day see her again! =D Thank you FaceBook! You're the best thing that happened to separated friends! Also, Dont forget to check out my video blog! It will be up and running soon! Check the pages =D I'm putting a video on the video blog page that tells when the first video blog will be up!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Ok so my idea is to do a video blog page! Who thinks this is a good idea? I'd like a comment if anyone would like it! To me I'd much rather listen than read, mostly because I hate to focus on reading for a long time, mostly why my blog posts are kinda short and sweet =) so if anyone thinks this is a good idea, comment, send me an email at, or add me on twitter xXxSuperbiaxXx !

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


OMG you guise (lol guys) I HAS ICE CREAM!! Ok now that the randomness is out of the way, there's a REASON for that ice cream! Today is my daddy's birthday, he's 72 today!! I'm so happy to have my dad, he's the awesomest dad in the world!! Now, I have my spill out of the way....has anyone else seen those cakes that look like giant cookies?! OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS A BIG A$$ COOKIE!!!! =D IT WAS SO AWESOME! IT was chocolate chip, and has like whip cream around the edges like a crust lol. So I'm off to celebrate my daddy's 72 years of experience!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rainbow World

Ok so I checked the stats on my blog. What I noticed made me feel so awesome! I have had people read my blog from all kinds of countries, Pakistan, Australia, Philippines, Israel, ALL KINDS OF PLACES =D And I'd like to say thank you to those viewers, and of course all you others out there! =D so In all kinds of different languages, my thank you...

شكرا لك!
Salamat sa Iyo!
תודה רבה!
Σας ευχαριστούμε!
Lorem ipsum
با تشکر از شما!
Thank You!

According to google translate that is just about every language of the people who have been viewing my blog, so again Thank You all! =D Maybe, just maybe, if we can all work together...we can one day live in a peaceful "rainbow" filled world =)             


Custom Search

Sorry I haven't posted for a while everyone! I've been soooo busy! The 4th of July came and went like a blink of an eye! =D It was so much fun though. How was the fireworks everyone?! Did you all have some awesome firework shows? My brothers lit some last night and they was pretty cool until one misfired lol. Anyway, I have a rant today. My rant of course is about walmart. Today I went and got my printer from my Nana's house. Well, the cord was left up there, the power cord. So I called walmart and asked if they had a cord that would fit it, I have them the model and everything and they said "Sure we carry that! I'm looking at one right now!" So I almost instantly go to walmart to get it, and when I get there...."Oh I must have thought wrong, we don;t carry that model." WTF?! I waste a gallon of gas for THAT?! Walmart, you need some smarter employees....

Friday, July 1, 2011


I LOVE GLITTERBABY! =D Tommy Joe if anyone doesn't know who GlitterBaby is lol. I wrote a HubPage about Adam and GLITTERBABY!!!! =D Go GlitterBaby!!!! Anyone wanna read it?! GO READ IT!!! =D HubPages is starting to be fun! =D


Ok so I made my first hubpage today LOL I wrote an article about Tommy Joe Ratliff. It has a quiz, a little bit of info, a video, and a little bit more stuff! I plan on writing my next abotu Adam Lambert but come check out the Tommy Joe article! =D

Ray William Johnson! =D

Has anyone else heard of the guy on youtube called Ray William Johnson? Well He has another YouTube called YourFavoriteMartian or something along those lines. He'smaking music videosnow, cartoons of course lol. Now I will say these videos may not be "kid friendly" so it's not something you would show your 8 year old! :O But some of the videos are funny like the stereotype song and b*ich got a pen*s.
Another thing, has anyone heard of a guy named Raja? He's a "drag queen"? Well, I had seen screen captures of Tommy Joe Ratliff in a music video of Rajas called Diamond Crowned Queen and I went to watch it JUST because Tommy Joe was in it, but actually ended up liking the song a little lol. Go check it out on you tube its Raja Diamond Crowned Queen!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nut Cases

Sorry, I just have to rant for a second before I explode or something. My mom is so freaking controlling of me! She hardly ever spent any time with me when I was growing up or anything, she openly admitted she didn't want me and if she had her choice I would have been aborted, and now shes suddenly wanting to control me! Im a daddy's girl for a reason, he was my dad AND my mom when I was growing up and he still is. As soon as I turned 18 I wanted to get my mom out of my life for good because she was nothing but trouble! She tried to have me arrested once because I was getting peanut butter out of a jar and she tried to say I tried to kill her with a butter knife! WTF! She doesn't have my phone number for a reason. When I turned 18 I got all these crazy dreams I wanted to do like backpack to NY, go to an Adam Lambert concert, get Tommy Joe and Adam to autograph my t shirt or something, live free, volunteer, try out different types of jobs, go to art galleries with my art, try being a model, all sorts of stuff! Now all of a sudden my MOM supposedly gives a damn about what I do. She disgusts me, shes nothing to me.


Ok so everyone can use some extra cash right? Well, Ive been all over the web. I hate those sites that only pay through paypal because I cant use paypal since I don't have a bank account. I actually came across a site where you fill out forms for about 50 cents each. Now that doesn't sound like much but these forms only take about 2 minutes or so, so when you fill out about 15 a day, thats just 30 minutes a day, and they pay you 50 cents for each form then thats about 7 dollars and 50 cents for 30 minutes which is about 14 dollars an hour! A lot of people out there are stay at home parents, teens, "lazy", have medical conditions, etc and look all over for online jobs and they end up getting scammed! This web site offers to pay you through check or paypal, their minimum pay out is about 40 dollars USD. That's the site if anyone wants to check it out.It's easy to fill out forms, its also called Data Entry. This is the most legit way to make money online that i've seen so far so go check it out! =D


Is it just me or did Obama JUST avoid the subject of marriage? Did anyone else notice that?! Can the president not give his opinion on marriage?! Is it because he wants to possibly get re-elected? Well, that's a shot in a million since he's low in the polls now. Is it because he doesn't want to say if "gay marriage" is marriage or not? Im sure if he supported gay marriage he'd get a lot of votes, but a lot of opposing view points to. Either way you look at it though, hes probably not going to be re-elected, plus if the president supported it maybe more of the states would to! =D It might even rack up some voters for Obama in the next election! He DID get rid of "don't ask don't tell" but he still doesn't give a defiant answer to gay MARRIAGE. Come on Obama!He says he thinks what happened in NY was good BUT he never comes right out and say "I support gay marriage"....

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Review of YouTube 2011

Here is my review of SUCKS. A lot of people post AMV's or Anime Music Videos. Well, Im no exception BUT I am NO LONGER going to make AMV's because youtube claims them as copyright infringment BUT YET there are THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of others that go untouched by youtube. So if anyone from youtube reads this, I want you to take down those MILLIONS of other AMV's because I never claimed I owned the Anime,I even say they are fan made, so do most if not all the others. If you believe YouTube is getting picky, and unfair, then PLEASE write a complaint to them, post it on facebook, your twitter, whatever you can so people know how much youtube SUCKS.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Thought We Made Progress

Ok so everyone knows NY passed the bill for gay marriage rights. Well rumor has it they are now looking for a way to appeal the bill. I thought we made progress people! A lot of the people that are against the bill say "I don't want to see them in a store making out with each other" They don't do that. Even if they did do you expect people to believe that? Let me guess a straight couple can make out on a park bench and people look and say "oh how sweet" but a gay couple can and people look and say "yuck I wish they'd get out of here!" Well, if you're going to make gay marriage illegal again....then make straight marriage illegal to. Love is love, and it'll be a cold day in hell before love is made illegal!


Ok so I drew Tommy Joe Ratliff from Adam Lamberts band. IT IS AWESOME!!!! My dad said "You just wasted your time with that, it's not like it's going to do anything for you." BULL! I'm going to send it to Tommy Joe when I find an address and when I do, I won't get famous but at least I might get a twitter mention O.O maybe....please....I hope lol.


Ok, so good morning everyone! Now, the purpose of this post is to 1. Put a little widget for my shop on Cafe Press and 2. I'm highly pissed, pardon my language. The reason I am highly pissed is because this gay thing just got personal. My friend was in walmart the other day and some guy was talking to a friend of his and the guy pointed at my friend and said "You'll look like more of a fag than that guy there" and my friend looked at him like wtf and the guy said "yea fag I'm talkin 'bout you" THIS SHIT GOT PERSONAL. Now I may not be gay or anything, but man If I would have been my friend I would have probably broke out in a fight witth that a$$ right in the store. That's just bull sh%t! Or like someone emailed me asking what color my wardrobe was....they said "I figure it's rainbow" I told them "well, rainbow is a great color, you get the best of all the colors, but Im sure this isnt a real question. Its nothing more than an ignorant person trying to take a stab at someone to try and get some self esteem am I right? I bet YOU are secretly gay and try to hide it by picking on other people. Now if you'll excuse me I have REAL people to talk to." And the idiot hasn't emailed back HA! But yea this sh%t got personal's a different story when it's not yourself but when it hits close to home....that's when it gets shot in the face and blown to pieces because I am NOT dealing with ignorant people!
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GRAND OPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE GRAND OPENING OF MY CAFEPRESS SHOP!!!!! I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY SHOPPING IN IT!! Sorry if the prices may be a bit high, but I can't afford a premium shop yet, but when I do those prices will defiantly DROP!!!!!! And for those that say "oh well she added 10 dollars profit to it" no actually, I only get a max of 2 dollars profit so HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway happy shopping! =D

If I can ever get enough money I may rent a little space and BUY some of these products to sell in the store =)
That'd be awesome! =D Oh and I'll be adding a lot more products to like Iphone cases and things like that!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Random old people YES! They are awesome! =D I hang out at the library down the road a lot and there's always some random old person saying something like "Ya know when I was your age we skipped rocks..." lol. I love old people, they can be so much fun to listen to! I don't see why they get such a bum rap. Now, it's a given that yes some ARE cranky BUT with a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) they can be sooooo much happier! =D I actually like going to nursing homes and sitting with the elderly, you know listen to their stories and how things were like when they were young. It's good for them to think of the good times in their lives! Plus a lot of them get lonely in there, which I think shortens their lifespan. Elderly people are filled with stories just waiting to be told! Once I talked to an old WWII veteran and WOW his story was amazing! =D Anyway RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!!! =)

I Heart NY

Ok so everyone's heard about NY right? How they passed a bill for gay marriage?! =D Go NY! Oh and I would have posted earlier but the power was out for some reason lol. But anyway, talk about progress! Oh and im watching a movie that's stupid BUT sooooooo awesome! It's about a guy that blows up a ferry and the FBI agent has to go back in time to save a woman and the ferry. It's really weird but so cool to! Anyway, that's all for now! =D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Direct TV Has Specials! =D

Ok so a LOT of people I know have Dish Network and they all say it sucks because every time the wind blows the TV shuts off. Well, right now Direct TV has some specials going on, like 29.99 a month, about the same as Dish Networks starting price. Plus you get FREE HD, the only down side is you may have to sign up for some extra stuff like auto bill pay. They even have a summer movie special now, it's a free year of Showtime! =D Who doesn't like free. I love Direct TV anyway because they have great service, the signal usually only cuts off when there's some MAJOR weather outside so yea, it may cost a bit more but you DO get what you pay for! =)

Become Review

Ok so I came across a web site today called Become. I have to say at first it looks like a jumbled mess, but when you ACTUALLY look at it, it's pretty neat! The site lets you compare prices of items you want to buy, you can buy all sorts of stuff to. They have everything from baby to electronics to garden supplies, just abut everything! They even have links to coupons for some hefty discounts! is the site if you'd like to check it out. It's very organized so it won't be hard to look around for what you need! =) I give it a 5 out of 5!
Ah nothing like a little rob zombie lol oooo and adam lambert of course! So anyway, ill be posting updates through out t

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About Being 18

So, oddly enough I'm going to make a post about being 18 and what it'd like lol.

Being 18 is like having a new found freedom.
It's a feeling like you can do anything,
Set any goal,
Conquor the world,
And Achieve.
It's not just a number,
It's a new life,
A new start,
Like being born again.
It's scary to,
You're on your own,
You can set your own rules,
Make your own choices,
Make mistakes,
You're no longer mommy and daddy's "baby".
I'll always be a daddy's girl,
No matter how old I get,
What choices I make,
Or where I go.
Being 18 Changes a lot,
But when you think about it,
It doesn't change a lot.

Childish Now Are We?

My brothers done the most IGNORANT thing I have EVER witnessed in my life. We started talking about the Bible and stuff, and one of my brothers said "Well, I don't like Jewish people" so I said "well then you hate Jesus because he was the King of the Jews" and he said "No he wasn't, they wasn't nothin' but saps that didn't accept him" so to prove a point they BURNED a Jewish flag in the yard WTF!? My dad said "you boys better stay off them motorcycles for a few days and get on your knees and beg the Lord to forgive you. The Jews were his chosen people you know." I think they started a "war" with the big man upstairs 'cause he doesn't seem to awfully happy about flag burning. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not pushing religion on anyone or anything, I'm just saying that flag burning is a little childish. And why are the Jews always picked on anyway? The Holocaust killed 6 million + Jewish people, wasn't that enough IGNORANCE? Geeze people get a life or get a job. People that are intolerant disgust me....
Soooo just tested the cell posting and for some reason it sent to my cousin....O.O anyway hopefully this'll work before

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Soooo testing out my phone to make sure this thing works before i start posting today lol

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Ok so since today is my birthday, the legendary 18th birthday may I add! =D So far I've gotten like 6 comments on facebook saying "happy birthday!!" and the awesomes guy ever txted me at like 12 AM saying "happy birthday kala!" so yea so far its the bomb lol. But since today IS my 18th birthday I know a LOT of the family is going to want that "last bit of childhood" today spent with them, but I'm just going to probably spend the morning and mid day with them and then the rest of the night is all mine cause now I'm grown and can do just about anything! =D It's called no longer will my license say "not 18 until..." no longer will I have to stay out of R rated movies without a parent, no longer will I have to deal with the "you're just a kid" thing in life, no longer will other people be trying to make my decisions, I'm now a full grown woman and I'm PROUD! =D OOOO that also means I can be a bit more open with my family about liking the NOH8 campaign and stuff! (My family is more southern.....O.O) BUT anyway, if I DO post, most likely it will be from my cell lol. I may even add images with the posts! =D I wonder what kind of cake the family got me this year......I'm a fat chick I have to ask that question LOL And no I don't expect a freaking cake next year, I don't really WANT a cake this year BUT I know my family...they try to keep you a kid as long as possible lol I might get a freaking dora the explorer cake LOL.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time Play

Ok so Ive been playing with times of the day trying to see what times of the day people are MOST likely to see my blog update on facebook and twitter and actually click it. So far, the best time of day seems to be during the time when most people would be on lunch break at work! That's somewhere between 11AM-1PM in most places. A lot of my friends go on lunch at about 12PM and get off at 1PM. Usually I post at night and get about 5 hits. I posted during the "lunch" hours today and got about 20 from facebook alone and then about 10 more from twitter! =D So now you guys have another tip for getting some traffic, post during lunch lol people get bored at work, teens are just waking up and checking facebook, and some people just ge bored at home I guess lol.
Now, here's another thing. I watched a commercial on TV today about orkin so I went on YouTube to find it. Well, I found it lol. What I say about it is....while the rents are away the rats will play guitar hero. LOL! Here's the link! ====>


So tomorrow is my birthday! =D Yay me! It'd be perfect if the awesomest guy ever showed up at my house (I'm not talking about Adam Lambert for once lol but that would be awesome to!) I've noticed what "love" is and its when even they don't call or text or anything, just that split second thought of them is enough to get you high all day lol. Anyway, the thing I would absolutely LOVE for the PERFECT birthday all around would be Adam Lambert to pop out of a huge box with blue ribbon around it singing "For Your Entertainment" LOL OMFG WHAT A GREAT DAY THAT WOULD BE AHHH!!!!!! =D It's like not only would the awesomest guy make it perfect but the awesomest band ever would make it perfect XD
Oh and, I listened to a song called "Aftermath" but it was the billboard remix. I still loved it though, great lyrics. By Adam Lambert of course lol I'd like to say he done an awesome job! --->
That's the link to the video on Adam Lambert s YouTube. Awesome song, I love it lol. I like how that version is light and kinda "bubbly" lol =)


Remember when you were a kid? Elephants could be purple, your teddy bear could drink tea, and your imaginary friend always liked to play hopscotch? Did you ever once think about hating something? Sure you probably hated anything scary, and hated getting a bath, probably hated doing chores, but yet you loved to dress up at halloween, loved to play in the dirt, and LOVED messing up the house. Why can't we all be as carefree as we were then? Why care about someones sexuality? Be carefree...
This pic has the names of some kids I knew, I had them draw whatever they wanted where ever they wanted and then write their names. I just filled in the two feet, NOH8, and the carefree word. Remember, in the mind of a child anything is possible....why not in ours?

For a Better Tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Review of The Sims 3Generations

Ok so Im a huge sims fan. This new expansion pack has recently came out, and I actually love how "realistic" the game is now! Like you can have old people buy a cane and "harass world" lol I see old people do that all the time. Plus there's a lot more "pregnancy" outfits for sim females. Like those jackets that have holes for your thumbs to go in? They have those on there now, with a pregnancy mesh so its MUCH more modern. They have slip n slides, sand boxes, see saws, CAMCORDERS!!! =D They have a TON of new stuff, new clothes, new interactions and everything! The only down side is that you can no longer use the "aging off" cheat, you have to use your sims life time reward points to buy a potion for it which is about 65,000 points. But another plus is that you can now share your progress in the sims on facebook! =) Oh and kids and teens can have after school activities, teens can prank things like "flood the school" and "let out frogs in science lab" lol and they can even have a reward night before they graduate AND a graduation ceremony AND graduation party, PLUS prom! And married sims, can now throw bachelor and baccalaureate parties before the big day! I give this game a 5 out of 5 because its SOOOO much more realistic now! Plus any sims 2 players remember the "memory" tab right? MEMORIES ARE BACK!!! =D And you can choose what goes in and what gets forgotten!

Review of Digital DJ Pro 2011

Ok so I got this new program o my pc and it's awesome! I give it a 5 out of 5. You can basically do everything a DJ does except with your PC!!!! Now it takes a minute to get a understanding of it, but when you do it's extremely easy to work with. You DON'T have to load two songs, you can edit one if you wish or mix two together. It does NOT automatically start recording, you can play with it, THEN click "start recording". I love it, when old songs get boring I just mix it up a bit! This software is totally free, it's not ugly, nor does it take up a TON of PC space. It has controls so you can set headphone balance. For those of you that don't know what that is, think of those songs where one minute the music is in one ear and feels like it slides to the other. And you know that bass type of stereo beat? You know the kind that shakes a car? YOU CAN MAKE THAT ON THERE TO! =D As in, SHAKE THE ROAD LIKE AN EARTHQUAKE type of change it lol. Or you can even make it as little boost as possible. Again I give this software a 5 out of 5 I love it!


Ok so a lot of people are against Ellen, you know the woman on the cover girl commericals? Has her own show? Well, me and my dad just had a huge talk about her. My dad said "I can't stand her show she's a lesbian and she shouldn't even be advertising make up." I said, well, is she still a woman? YES, which means she has every right to buy make up. Heck, even if someone isn't a woman they can still buy make up. There's no law against it sheesh. Sure, I'm not a lesbian, but if I was I'd hate people who thought I shouldn't have the simple right to walk into a store and buy something like make up. Now, granted I don't watch the Ellen show a lot, but It's not a bad show, I kinda like it lol I mean I wish I had watched when Adam Lambert was on there! =D But that's not the point, the point is, gay,lesbian,bisexual, etc should have the right to do what they want like anyone else. They're still human, its not like if you cut them they bleed some green toxic acid or something geeze! They aren't freaks or anything, they still have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, heart,lungs, etc just like every other person. They aren't immortal, if they have a car crash they get hurt like everyone else! Why are people so against them?! I think the only people against them are the pervs, because they just focus on who gay people go to bed with, not who they are. Who cares who they go to bed with? A person is a person, you either get to know them for the person they are, or you hate them for who they go to bed with. Me, I like them for the people they are. I've also noticed that gay,lesbian,and bisexual people are actually some of the nicest people you could ever meet. I guess that's why most of my friends are gay. They don't judge people, why judge them?


Ok so as you know I don't have anything against the gay community that includes transsexuals, BUT OMG LOL. I'm watching Jerry Springer right now and they just had a transsexual on there that the first thought that ran in my head was "DAMN THAT'S A BIG OL' SOMETHING WTF IS THAT?!" lol I hate to say it but the guy looked like a clown cause his make up was like all over the place on his face, his lipstick was WAYYY to bright for his skin tone and his blush looked like he just took pink paint and put it on his cheeks. Now again, I'm NOT against transsexuals or anything, I'm just saying this one DID NOT pull off the look as in he was OBVIOUSLY a man. Now most CAN pull off the look which is great for them! But this one didn't so if any one runs into him on the street tell him he needs some help with his make up lol. =D Again this is NOTHING against no one I'm just simply saying.

Save a Lot Bargans!

Ok so I JUST came back from Save a Lot. I found SOOOOO many deals! Like a BIG GALLON of Gator-aid for $1.69, mello yellow zero for 25 CENTS, Power aid for 99 cents, PRINGLES for $1.00 a can, and a ton of other great stuff!!!! The only flaw was this, bologna was $2.39 and it was supposed to be generic and it was made from chicken, pork, and turkey. If I was going to pay that much for bologna I'd make sure it'd be made of beef. So, a lot of people think Save a Lot is a bad place, but it has some GREAT deals! Some not so great though, I give todays visit a 4 1/2 out of 5. 


Ok so I've been going all over the web, posting this blogs URL here and there, reading Ebooks and EVERYTHING and haven't gotten much traffic! So far I can say that this stuff works a little...
1-FACEBOOK FACEBOOK FACEBOOK!!!! That's what I use the most and usually after I post my url to facebook and say I updated my blog I get 5 views in about 10 minutes.
2-TWEET A LOT!!! Me every time I make a new post I tweet it on my twitter. That gets about 2-4 views, and thats when I only had about 2 followers, now I have about 12!
3-I've posted to blog directories and really, I can't tell much difference! Sure I will say maybe one or two extra people have viewed but thats still not much at all.
4-Don't waste time with those "Get paid to blog" sites, they all suck. Now sure some DO pay ok, but only if you have THOUSANDS of people visiting every week.
5-Affiliate marketing usually doesn't work. On here, I have amazon. I've made ZERO from it. So really all it's doing is taking up space >.>
6-Don't waste time surfing the web for stuff like "free traffic" and things, they will just SPAM your site/blog. If they don't its a list of things ANYBODY would know, like tell your friends and family about your blog. Just simple stuff like that, and none of it generates any REAL traffic.
7-The last thing I've tried is YouTube. I made a video for support of the NOH8 campaign and told how I support it, and put a link to my blog and that generated me a couple of extra page views.

So honestly I can say, social networking is the BEST way to go with this stuff. Twitter and Facebook get the most for me, and best of all it's FREE. Now nothing here is going to generate THOUSANDS of page views instantly or even probably in a month to five months, BUT it will get you started. Remember ANYTHING you can post a status, comment, or anything on will get your URL noticed.  Don;t give in to those web site scammers, or become one. People hate them, plus....they scam yea lol.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thumbs Up for Adam Lambert!

Ok so this has YET to be mentioned on this blog BUT I've been meaning to say it for a while! If anyone is familiar with Adam Lambert, then you probably know the song called "fever" right? What I LOVE about that song is that he WASN'T afraid to put "there HE goes..." AS THE VERY FIRST WORDS =D!!! Now, a lot of people probably would have been afraid to do that, but obviously Adam is open about everything. Which is an awesome thing! He's a positive role model for gay,lesbian, and bisexual people. So not only does his music ROCK, but he's also doing some good with it instead of singing about something REALLY sexual or REALLY drug related like a lot of songs are now. Plus he supports NOH8, he even done a photo shoot, SO DID TOMMY JOE RATLIFF!!!! =D It's awesome, I suggest anyone, gay,lesbian,bisexual, or even straight to go check them out! It's a great campaign! They have a facebook page, a twitter page, and even a web site with all their photos, news, and even where the next photo shoots are going to be! =) I'll post a link to their web site a the end of this post for anyone interested! =D

Walmart Really?!

Ok so has everyone heard about how WALMART won a lawsuit against them? It was about how women got paid less than men did? Well didn't the USA pass a law that men and women HAD to get paid the same amount? Then how is it that the supreme court ruled IN FAVOR of WALMART....KNOWING they DID pay significantly LESS to women than they did men? Isn't that against the law? HELLO SUPREME COURT DO YOU NOT KNOW THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY ANYMORE?! ARE WE JUST GOING TO SIT BACK AND LET BIG RICH COMPANIES RULE THE COUNTRY?! WHY DON'T WE JUST LET WALMART MAKE THE LAWS?! OH WAIT THEY ALREADY ARE!!!!! That's like the "mentally challenged" the only reason WALMART gives two cents about them is probably because Bill Clinton signed a law when he was president saying the government would reimburse any company that hired handicapped people! Now don't get me wrong, they deserve a job like everyone else, BUT if a company hires them for the money, then that's just bull crap! I know that if I was hired some place that the company hired me because they wanted to not because they wanted more money on top of the billions and billions they get every year in profits on stuff they sell for 100 dollars that only cost them about 5 bucks to make! I don't go for that crap people! Ever since WALMART pulled their crap on me, I can't stand them. All they do is lie and cheat to me. I didn't do nothing, I was a regular costumer and everything, and all of a sudden "YOU STOLE FROM US!!!" WALMART STEALS FROM EVERYONE!!!! Now,I didn't steal from those thieves, BUT anyone who does, I hope you don't get caught now. WALMART makes BILLIONS off of the stuff they sell, and that's even AFTER paying their workers and even BEFORE getting those reimbursement checks from the government!!  Now this is NOT meant to be slander or libel or anything like that, JUST MY OPINION!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ugh Not Good..

Ok so, Ive been sick ALL DAY! Im still a little ill but I might as well blog right? =) So what made me sick was a bad can of chef boy ardee. I ate them last night for dinner and 30 minutes later my stomch felt like I just drank gasoline and threw a lit match in it =( Then I FINALLY freaking "puked" and felt SOOOOOOO much better! Of course I was still dizzy from a fever, so after I threw up I went to sleep and slept from like 12 PM to like 30 minutes ago lol. Now I didn't mean to gross anyone out, I'm just saying be careful what you eat! D= I ate chef boy ardee for almost every meal when I was a kid, but for some reason THAT can decided to not like me O.O Anyway, good night all! I'm going to bed, as I said I'm still a little ill. Hopefully tomorrow I can put up a better, if not awesomer post! =D

Check Out NOH8

Ok so I made a totally fan made video supporting the NOH8 campaign. I totally support it and I encourage other people to support it to. Its like a sign said that Adam Lambert posted on twitter..."its not gay marriage its marriage, Its not gay parking either, I dont gay park". So I'll say this, all you people who don't like gay,lesbian,or bi people...GET THE F**K OFF MY BLOG YOU HATING SON OF A BI*CHES!!!! YOUR WHAT GIVES THE WORLD A BAD NAME AND YOUR ALSO THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL CAUSE YOU HATE THINGS THAT DONT NEED TO BE HATED! If you hate gay people, you hate yourself. Gay people have hearts, do you? Yes. Gay people need food, do you? Yes. Gay people need water, do you? Yes. Gay people have blood, do you? Yes. See? There's no difference in you and a "Gay" person. If I was to cut you, would you bleed? I think so! If I cut a gay person would they bleed to? I think so! Here's the thing, you may not be really cutting on gay people BUT you make them bleed EVERY TIME you spread your hate. Next time you get in your car, this is to gay haters,go "gay park" your a$$ in the gutter.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have an opinion!

Ok so a lot of us have opinions right? I know I do, that's mostly why I blog lol. So I found a site called "Expotv" and it give you points for one minute reviews that you can redeem for prizes! They have a ton of stuff from gift cards to electronics to kitchen decor. They have a HUGE selection. I haven't uploaded any video yet BUT I hear it's about 500 points for every review. You don't have to buy anything either, you just review stuff you have at home! Like that soap you use? You can review it! Did you get your puppy a new shirt? You can review that to! Just about anything you have right at home you can review! That includes forks you bought at a flea market! It doesn't have to come from a major store like WALMART >=( it can come from any store even save a lot! I think it's pretty cool and I'll post when I upload my own video and tell you all about the process =)

Free Stuff! Seriously!

Ok so you read the title am I right? Well, I found the REAL way to get free stuff! Granted it won't be easy to get it BUT I know this site is legit because I've gotten a few things from them! Back when I was collecting yugioh cards, I got about 10 cards from them! Then I even got a few pencils! Now there's a lot more you can get on this site, like electronics, video games,clothes, etc. This site is called swagbucks and I've put a banner to the site below if you want to check it out! It take a while to earn enough points for stuff but they have sweepstakes to! Well....swagstakes lol. The way I earn is in the mornings (usuaully before 8AM) I do a search for something simple 2-3 times, and then at night (usually between 6pm-11pm) and search for the same thing or something different. Then I wait about a week before doing it again (that almost gurantees you swag points!) Once I searched, stayed off about a week and came back with 30 extra swag points PLUS when I searched I got about 100 swag points! I'mnot saying this is going to furnish you EVERYTHING you ever wanted BUT its a great way to get some free stuff, and best of all YOU DON'T PAY A DIME FOR SHIPPING!!! =D Check it out!

Search & Win

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lots of posts today but READ THIS!

So, a lot of people have heard those "it gets better" videos. Adam Lambert even made one! Well, I'm not a lesbian or anything, but I do have a story from the fatter side of life if you want to listen. When I was a kid, I was constantly bullied because of my weight, I've always been "fat". Except this bullying was like getting "beat up" at recess and laughed at. The teachers REFUSED to do anything. In 4th grade I had my first suicidal thought, and a nervous breakdown. Then I couldn't understand WHY people picked on me, or WHY the teachers done NOTHING to help me. Since then, I've gets better, much better! =D I've learned to accept myself the way I am, and that I shouldn't let people change me. If they don't think I'm good enough, well then they aren't good enough to me. I may not have the problems that come with being gay,lesbian, or bisexual, BUT I DO KNOW IT GET'S BETTER!! Don't let people tell you that you're different because you're not! You have to breathe the same air, you get sick like everyone else, you have a mind like everyone else and most important, you have a HEART like everyone else. Some people choose not to use theirs, but they should. It's up to you though to make SURE things get better. If you're not here, it WONT get better, the problem will still be here for everyone else. So, will it get better? YES!

Also, an excellent campaign is the NOH8 campaign. It's a silent protest, and I support it. To all you gay, lesbian, and bisexual're pathetic. To all gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, you are strong and can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let the world bring you down because it really does get better.

Just a Thank You!

Ok so I seen where already only a few minutes after that last post I had almost 10 page views! Wonderful! =D I'd like to say thank you to you guys that checked it out! I'd also like to say you're welcome to view any of the posts! Leave a comment if you want to! I'd love to hear from you guys! And please no hate about the blog or anyone it mentions. Constructive criticism is accepted, but trolling is not. =)
Oh, and before I forget I'd like to say something about the NOH8 campaign. YOU GUYS ROCK!! I totally support it!! I think gay people have just as many rights as anyone else. I may not believe in being gay, BUT they do NOT deserve to be bullied and hurt and outlawed for being themselves and loving who they want! Plus they make the best shopping buddies and go-to buddies for just about anything! Oh and a bunch of my friends are gay,lesbian, or bi, so NOH8 gets 100% of my support. Gay people deserve happiness just as much as the next person, if they want to marry LET THEM! It's like Family Guy, Lois says "So two gay people who love each other don't have the right to get married but two straight people who hate each other have more of a right to marry?" Doesn't make much sense. I say, if someone makes you happy go for it who cares if it's another man or another woman. You fall for who you fall for! =D

Review of Second Life

Ok so I recently joined Second Life which is supposed to be a great 3D chat/game. To me the graphics and things were fantastic BUT the system sucked! I think it sucked because my avatar NEVER loaded right, it constantly got STUCK in a motion as in it walked off into the sky ALL THE TIME and I didn't even click on anything, plus the avatar NEVER fully loaded! Neither did the rooms! You may get a sky and ground and the rest is pretty much just very foggy buildings. The rooms that DID load however, were fantastic that's why I say the graphics were fantastic...WHEN they loaded. Plus, they have so many rules and things in the different "worlds" that you can't do anything without "violating" and having to leave that room. Like they have a strip club room and its OPEN, no age verification or anything! Really?! I mean a 12 year old can type in he or she is 18, or 20 or something and get in it! Granted the graphics aren't much on loading right so it's not like they can see private parts or something, it's just the concept they CAN get in. Would you let a 12 year old into a strip club? I wouldn't! I'm not 12 or anything, BUT I know 12 year olds can get on second life POSING as an 18+ year old. I have to give them credit, areas that have mature ratings, you MUST verify your age. I just think it's stupid the strip club isn't the same way! My review of second life...I give them a 2 and a half out of 5.

So Awesome!

Ok so, WALMART GOT FREAKING BEAT HA! I don't know if I've said that yet BUT I'm saying it now. All I have to do is do a "diversion" program and it's over. I don't even have to pay the fine. The court designated worker advised me not to because Walamrt couldn't push it any further since they had no proof, I was doing a diversion program, and it was first offense. She said "You call that lawyer that sent you the fine notice and you just tell him that I said you didn't have to pay it since your ok with this court." And sure enough I haven't heard anything else out of that lawyer! =D Of course I didn't shoplift, and I would take it to court BUT trying to go to college and have multiple court days? That would be a little hard to do...Anyway, all I have to do is read a book, answer some questions about it, and do a poster!
Anyway, moving on now lol. I found an awesome site for making custom stuff! It's called CafePress. The only down side is the mark up, you get a couple of dollars or so profit off of every item you sell. It's like an online store! I've made a few things on it! I've always gotten great stuff from them to. If I put a big M on a shirt, that shirt WILL look like the preview when I get it! I ordered a magnet I had made and it looked JUST LIKE it said it would! No flaw at all! I was surprised! is the site.
Oh and everyone knows about Amazon right? Like Amazon the online store? Like ebay? Anyway, I've ordered a lot of stuff from that site and I have YET to get a bad product! All the stuff I've gotten has come to me through the mail, totally flaw free! Which is really great because sites like Ebay will send you stuff that may be used when it didn't say used or stuff that's banged up or something. I got a plushie off of ebay that said it was brand new and when I got it, it had stains all over it along with a rip in it's side and the stuffing had been coming out! I sent it back of course, and they gave me back my money. Anyway Amazon is the best site I;ve found yet for online shopping. I used to go on all the time to shop, but now I wouldn't even give a penny to them!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ok so I owe walmart 250 dollars bause I supposedly shoplifted.....but I didn' I have to pay them to steal from ME?! That's like someone stealing your purse or wallet and u saying "oh by the way, here's you 250 dollars for your trouble"....REALLY?! Why should I pay THEM to take MY stuff? Am I supposed to keep receipts of everything I own?! AND TAKE IT ALL WITH ME?! What will they say next? Oh wait I know they said I was to friendly to people...THEY SHOULD BE HAPPY SOMEONE CARES ENOUGH TO HELP POOR OLD PEOPLE WITH THEIR BAGS sheesh!!!! I thought you were supposed to be nice to people!!! A guy I know WORKS for walmart and the walmart he works for has rats in the deli, you know what walmarts doing about it? They know about it, yet they do nothing. I know a girl who robs them blind EVERY TIME she goes in walmart. She usually takes 200 dollars worth EACH TIME, and she goes EVERYDAY!!! THEY NEVER EVEN LOOK AT HER WTF?! Then someone that does nothing they decide to stick with something. I can't even pay the fine, so that means it's about 30 days in jail THANKS WALMART. Why dont you go catch the REAL crooks in your store and get rid of all ur rodents!!!!!! Im sure no one wants to eat your rats! I know a site where people talk abotu how much they steal from walmart and one guy WORKS for them and has stolen abut 20000 dollars worth from them!!!! IN A WEEK!!!!! And they can't get them? Oh and one woman had a boyfriend that worked for them and she walked in and knew all the loss prevention guys and everything and went in there stole and walked out!!!!!! WALMART IS CORRUPT AND I HOPE THEY GO DOWN THE TOILET BECAUSE THEY FORCED ALL THE SMALLER BUSINESSES OUT OF BUSINESS AND THEN WHEN PEOPLE GO IN WALMART THEY WANT TO F*CK EM AROUND BUT NOT THE REAL CRIMINALS!!!!!


So, my brother has been to prison and everything. I told him I wanted him to take me to get my first tattoo and he said "you don't have to pay 50 dollars for a pro to do it, do it yourself, I have." So I done it just like he told me to and it looks REALLY cool! =D
1-Make an outline with some cheap pen or marker to give yourself a guide
2-get a sharp pair of small scissors or a fresh new needle
3-Sterilize the needle by dipping it in rubbing alcohol for at least 30 seconds
4-Take a cotton ball or q-tip and sterilize where you want your tattoo
5-Get your needle or small scissors(that's what I used but they were brand new so they were sharp and don't get a kid set get one in like the sewing supplies) Make sure the object is sterile, it helps prevent infection!
6-"carve" the design on your skin, take a break if you need to because it does hurt. When I done mine it hurt really bad at the first cut and it wasn't even that deep! So I took a little cube of ice and held it on a little area THEN carved.
7-When you get done, take ink (non toxic) from something like a washable marker, a pen, sharpie, etc and DRAW over the "carving" IT WILL BURN, unless you recently used ice on the spot. Even then you may feel a tingle.
8-Get some ointment like neosporin and cover the "carving" completely! Just like you would a bad cut.
9-Put a bandage over the area, like a first aid kit bandage not gauze (unless its a REALLY big tattoo which I don't recommend with this method!)
10-Leave the bandage on there for about 30 minutes to 1 hour then take it off.
11-Keep the bandage off because the spot will need air to make a scab, BUT DON'T TAKE THE SCAB OFF....unless you don't want the tattoo lol.
12-This is how my brother told me to do mine and it worked out fine. I am not responsible for you messing yours up or giving yourself a tattoo you don't like or one that gets infected. I am not a pro!

Anyway, that's how I done mine. So far its great! Looks like a pro done it! So do my brothers! =D


Ok so I posted a link to this bog on facebook VIA a link exchange and it was an almost instant 20 hits! May not sound like much but it is!!!! All I can say is keep it up everyone! I love knowing people care about what I have to say!
Now anyway, on to what I REALLY want to blog about....Adam Lamberts hips. Do you know that song "hips don't lie"? Well, Adams are SEXY!!!! I don't care if his hips lie or not I love them! I've watched a ton of in concert videos and I can say his flexibility is a lot like that of the late Elvis Presley. Now don't go all wacky on me! I don't think Elvis was that cute, but Adam has some flexible hips goin on!
Ok and I have had a recent Tommy Joe high....he's hot! I was on deviantart and someone had posted a pic of him in a pool and omg I thought I had died!!!! =D Im just curious to know if he was skinny dipping...-drool-
Oh and I also came across a REALLY funny photo of the two in concert. Adam and Tommy looked like they was making fish faces and Adams caption says "This is what fishies do tommyz" and Tommys says "No Adum fishies go like dis!!" lol I laughed forever over it! =D

Monday, June 13, 2011


Ok so Ive been trying to get some traffic to this blog and Im struggling. I done a search on Google and came across a site called Blog-Links-Exchange I figured its worth a shot! They are on blogspot just like me! =D hopefully I'll get some more traffic soon! Ill be glad to hear from all of you out there!!!

Reviews June 2011

Ok so, right now I can give points to these two groups.
Adam Lambert(of course)
Far East Movement (like a G6-?)

Adam Lambert of course because I love him! =D I recently got a Tommy Joe Ratliff high to so yea lol. And Far East Movement, because of a song called Like a G6. I've been listening to it for like a week lol.

Now for movies...Id have to say Mr.Poppers Penguins or what ever.
1.I like penguins
2.I like Jim Carrey
No Im not being bias, im just saying the man is obviously funny, stupid at times but funny lol.

I also cant wait for the next Grudge movie to come out. I heard the Grudge 4 is coming out at some point. Even though I think they sorta ruined it in the 3rd one for making a second Grudge, I still like the movies!

Another favorite of mine is Silent Hill. I like this movie mostly for the graphics. The movie did keep me on edge the first time I watched it. It wasnt scary it was more like a roller coaster that seems scary, but when you get on it you just love the ride!

Now, a lot of these movies have been around for a while but I have to still say the movies rock. Like Feardotcom. That was a confusing yet thrilling movie! I loved the ending, it freaked me out so bad!!!! It didnt freak me out like scare me it was just...OMG THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! That type of freak out lol.

Now as far as music, Lady GaGa has some new music out right? Well, I had the radio on the other day and Lady GaGa played, and honestly...I like her old work better. It seems like shes trying to change to get more support. Poker Face was a great song, I still listen to it! Bad Romance seemed to be one of those changes to, but still sounded pretty good. I dont see why shes trying to change. Sure lady gaga has a lot of haters, but her older work was much better than her new stuff!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Ok so I was on Deviantart and seen a pic of Adam with a mustache and I have to say, I don't prefer him this way BUT oh my gosh it was pretty awesome! I liked him though when his hair was teenage emo guy style and he was hairless in the face. Speaking of being hairless, Tommy Joes hair I havent never really found attractive BUT for some reason he looks HOT with that hair!
I dont generally like guys with tattoos, but I seen a picture of Tommy Joes "NOH8" campaign photo and he was HOT AND SEXY!!!!! Id like to get him in a back room like that!!!! :P Now, Adam Lambert DID do a photo or two for the campaign which were also HOT AND SEXY!!!!! -drool- The photos were simply AMAZING! and the campaign is for an excellent cause!
So what's better than two HOT guys posing in aVERY sexy photo shoot? SEEING THEM LIVE IN CONCERT!!!! Which I have yet to do lol, but they recetly played live in Mascow Russia, and the screen shots were fantastic! It seemed the concert was totally awesome! I have updates on twitter from @adamlambert and @tommyjoeratliff and It seems like they had an awesome time! I was on youtube to and seen some awesome fan videos of the after concert. Tommy dyed his hair a reddish color and it looked awesome! I liked it blonde but change is always great, they cant look bad anyway cause they are just hot that way! lol


The xenophobia ironed a pancake

Had to say that lol its for like an affiliate type of thing. So, Let me introduce myself!
Im an adam lambert fan
Im a tommy joe ratliff fan
I love anime
I love art
I love to draw
I love manga
I love blogging
I love hot topic
I have a twitter! @xXxSuperbiaxXx
I love guitar
I love youtube
I love just about anything lol

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