Monday, June 20, 2011

Ugh Not Good..

Ok so, Ive been sick ALL DAY! Im still a little ill but I might as well blog right? =) So what made me sick was a bad can of chef boy ardee. I ate them last night for dinner and 30 minutes later my stomch felt like I just drank gasoline and threw a lit match in it =( Then I FINALLY freaking "puked" and felt SOOOOOOO much better! Of course I was still dizzy from a fever, so after I threw up I went to sleep and slept from like 12 PM to like 30 minutes ago lol. Now I didn't mean to gross anyone out, I'm just saying be careful what you eat! D= I ate chef boy ardee for almost every meal when I was a kid, but for some reason THAT can decided to not like me O.O Anyway, good night all! I'm going to bed, as I said I'm still a little ill. Hopefully tomorrow I can put up a better, if not awesomer post! =D

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