Thursday, June 23, 2011


So tomorrow is my birthday! =D Yay me! It'd be perfect if the awesomest guy ever showed up at my house (I'm not talking about Adam Lambert for once lol but that would be awesome to!) I've noticed what "love" is and its when even they don't call or text or anything, just that split second thought of them is enough to get you high all day lol. Anyway, the thing I would absolutely LOVE for the PERFECT birthday all around would be Adam Lambert to pop out of a huge box with blue ribbon around it singing "For Your Entertainment" LOL OMFG WHAT A GREAT DAY THAT WOULD BE AHHH!!!!!! =D It's like not only would the awesomest guy make it perfect but the awesomest band ever would make it perfect XD
Oh and, I listened to a song called "Aftermath" but it was the billboard remix. I still loved it though, great lyrics. By Adam Lambert of course lol I'd like to say he done an awesome job! --->
That's the link to the video on Adam Lambert s YouTube. Awesome song, I love it lol. I like how that version is light and kinda "bubbly" lol =)

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