Saturday, June 25, 2011


Random old people YES! They are awesome! =D I hang out at the library down the road a lot and there's always some random old person saying something like "Ya know when I was your age we skipped rocks..." lol. I love old people, they can be so much fun to listen to! I don't see why they get such a bum rap. Now, it's a given that yes some ARE cranky BUT with a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) they can be sooooo much happier! =D I actually like going to nursing homes and sitting with the elderly, you know listen to their stories and how things were like when they were young. It's good for them to think of the good times in their lives! Plus a lot of them get lonely in there, which I think shortens their lifespan. Elderly people are filled with stories just waiting to be told! Once I talked to an old WWII veteran and WOW his story was amazing! =D Anyway RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!!! =)

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