Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ok so I'm thinking about doing interviews with people sort of like a talk show type of thing. These would show up in the video blog page of course =) but if anyone is reading this and would like to be interviewed feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email at I'd be happy to interview you =) I'm thinking of putting up and advertising thing to so if anyone is interested in that in that it's a small fee. Oh and before I forget, has anyone heard of a band called skillet? Well, if you havent you probably know a song ot two by them and don't even know it! Hero Comatose Monster Those three are the MOST commonly known as far as I know. You can also find them on youtube =) happy jamming!

Friday, July 15, 2011

To Fat To Have A Parent?

So a lot of people have seen that a law is trying to be passed where overweight kids will be taken away from their parents. I guess no one will know their real parents in a few years! Some kids can't help being fat. Some have health conditions that cause them to be overweight, some have genetic disorders, some are disabled. Me personally I'm overweight due to a medical condition. I make to much insulin! My doctor told me that I was the opposite of a diabetic and was making to much insulin so my body stores it as fat until it needs it. A lot of people suffer from this condition and it's very common in overweight people who aren't diabetics. I've been checked several times because doctors thought I was a diabetic. I finally went to a doctor with a lot of experience in weight loss and she said "I bet you make to much insulin." I NEVER HEARD OF THAT! She said it was actually really common but not a lot of doctors think of it. All it took was a simple blood test to make sure I wasn't a diabetic, which was normal. After that was cleared I was started on a diabetic medication for insulin regulation and she said "We'll up the dosage until you start loosing a little bit of weight naturally." Sure enough I started loosing weight with no change to my diet at all! I was taking 500 MG of metformin twice a day. I lost TEN POUNDS in just a couple of days and my weight didn't go up and down so much. It was a miracle! I had struggled with weight for years and just kept gaining no matter what diet I was on, and it took just a simple pill to solve it. Now I will warn you all who think you suffer from this, talk to your doctor about it. It IS a problem if its left untreated. Ask your doctor to test you for diabetes, after that if you are not a diabetic then ask your doctor if it's possible you could be making to much insulin. Ask them to put you on a trial diet to see if you lose weight on that plan. If you do keep doing it to see how long it stays off, if it comes back and you're following the diet rule by rule then confront your doctor again about it and ask her to give you a trial of metformin to see if it helps you loose weight. Now beware, if you don't have diabetes and your insulin level is fine then a long term trial of metformin or a similar drug may damage to your pancreas. But if you TRULY cannot loose weight no matter what diet you follow, exercise program, or even with medication for weight loss, then please go to your doctor you may have a small problem like this one. Getting it treated is very simple and once your insulin is regulated you won't never have to take it again unless it acts up again. Metformin is the medication I was on and I took it every day twice a day for two months and managed to loose 20 pounds with no diet change and I still continue to loose weight even without the medication. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Anyone heard of that song? The one in this post title? It's by slipknot. Originally I only liked the song "Before I forget" by them, but now I love sooooo many more songs by them lol. Like Sulfer and Duality. I don't like the drummer though because in the psycho social music video he looks like a gothic version of Jesus with a crown of thorns. Oh well, his sin not mine right? lol not forcing that view on anyone of course. If anyones interested in listening to the songs, I'll add a link to them at Amazon. Psychosocial Duality those two are GREAT songs! Also, Before I Forget is a good one to. They are all .99 cents a piece at Amazon, which is a good deal because I've seen them sell as single MP3's for 2 dollars plus. So go check it out! =D

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kinda Depressed Now...

Ok so I had a group for this blog on facebook, still do. There was almost 100 people in it, mostly from my friend group. Everyone stayed in the group for about a they all removed themselves...-sigh- I guess my blog just isn't doing to great......I don't want to shut it down, but no one gives a rip about it. I get no comments, no one votes on things, I can promote it all I want, doesn't mean other people would read it. It's grade school all over again I guess >_>

Hello Friend!

Ok so my brothers wife had a girl from a previous marriage. The girl was put up for adoption when she was about 7 and I was about 8. Me and her played all the time, and when she left, of course, it was sad. Now I found her. Shes a lesbian, she plays softball, and lives in CA. She probably wouldn't even remember me, but I remembered her =) I hope I can some day see her again! =D Thank you FaceBook! You're the best thing that happened to separated friends! Also, Dont forget to check out my video blog! It will be up and running soon! Check the pages =D I'm putting a video on the video blog page that tells when the first video blog will be up!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Ok so my idea is to do a video blog page! Who thinks this is a good idea? I'd like a comment if anyone would like it! To me I'd much rather listen than read, mostly because I hate to focus on reading for a long time, mostly why my blog posts are kinda short and sweet =) so if anyone thinks this is a good idea, comment, send me an email at, or add me on twitter xXxSuperbiaxXx !

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


OMG you guise (lol guys) I HAS ICE CREAM!! Ok now that the randomness is out of the way, there's a REASON for that ice cream! Today is my daddy's birthday, he's 72 today!! I'm so happy to have my dad, he's the awesomest dad in the world!! Now, I have my spill out of the way....has anyone else seen those cakes that look like giant cookies?! OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS A BIG A$$ COOKIE!!!! =D IT WAS SO AWESOME! IT was chocolate chip, and has like whip cream around the edges like a crust lol. So I'm off to celebrate my daddy's 72 years of experience!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rainbow World

Ok so I checked the stats on my blog. What I noticed made me feel so awesome! I have had people read my blog from all kinds of countries, Pakistan, Australia, Philippines, Israel, ALL KINDS OF PLACES =D And I'd like to say thank you to those viewers, and of course all you others out there! =D so In all kinds of different languages, my thank you...

شكرا لك!
Salamat sa Iyo!
תודה רבה!
Σας ευχαριστούμε!
Lorem ipsum
با تشکر از شما!
Thank You!

According to google translate that is just about every language of the people who have been viewing my blog, so again Thank You all! =D Maybe, just maybe, if we can all work together...we can one day live in a peaceful "rainbow" filled world =)             


Custom Search

Sorry I haven't posted for a while everyone! I've been soooo busy! The 4th of July came and went like a blink of an eye! =D It was so much fun though. How was the fireworks everyone?! Did you all have some awesome firework shows? My brothers lit some last night and they was pretty cool until one misfired lol. Anyway, I have a rant today. My rant of course is about walmart. Today I went and got my printer from my Nana's house. Well, the cord was left up there, the power cord. So I called walmart and asked if they had a cord that would fit it, I have them the model and everything and they said "Sure we carry that! I'm looking at one right now!" So I almost instantly go to walmart to get it, and when I get there...."Oh I must have thought wrong, we don;t carry that model." WTF?! I waste a gallon of gas for THAT?! Walmart, you need some smarter employees....

Friday, July 1, 2011


I LOVE GLITTERBABY! =D Tommy Joe if anyone doesn't know who GlitterBaby is lol. I wrote a HubPage about Adam and GLITTERBABY!!!! =D Go GlitterBaby!!!! Anyone wanna read it?! GO READ IT!!! =D HubPages is starting to be fun! =D


Ok so I made my first hubpage today LOL I wrote an article about Tommy Joe Ratliff. It has a quiz, a little bit of info, a video, and a little bit more stuff! I plan on writing my next abotu Adam Lambert but come check out the Tommy Joe article! =D

Ray William Johnson! =D

Has anyone else heard of the guy on youtube called Ray William Johnson? Well He has another YouTube called YourFavoriteMartian or something along those lines. He'smaking music videosnow, cartoons of course lol. Now I will say these videos may not be "kid friendly" so it's not something you would show your 8 year old! :O But some of the videos are funny like the stereotype song and b*ich got a pen*s.
Another thing, has anyone heard of a guy named Raja? He's a "drag queen"? Well, I had seen screen captures of Tommy Joe Ratliff in a music video of Rajas called Diamond Crowned Queen and I went to watch it JUST because Tommy Joe was in it, but actually ended up liking the song a little lol. Go check it out on you tube its Raja Diamond Crowned Queen!