Tuesday, July 5, 2011


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Sorry I haven't posted for a while everyone! I've been soooo busy! The 4th of July came and went like a blink of an eye! =D It was so much fun though. How was the fireworks everyone?! Did you all have some awesome firework shows? My brothers lit some last night and they was pretty cool until one misfired lol. Anyway, I have a rant today. My rant of course is about walmart. Today I went and got my printer from my Nana's house. Well, the cord was left up there, the power cord. So I called walmart and asked if they had a cord that would fit it, I have them the model and everything and they said "Sure we carry that! I'm looking at one right now!" So I almost instantly go to walmart to get it, and when I get there...."Oh I must have thought wrong, we don;t carry that model." WTF?! I waste a gallon of gas for THAT?! Walmart, you need some smarter employees....

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