Sunday, July 10, 2011


Anyone heard of that song? The one in this post title? It's by slipknot. Originally I only liked the song "Before I forget" by them, but now I love sooooo many more songs by them lol. Like Sulfer and Duality. I don't like the drummer though because in the psycho social music video he looks like a gothic version of Jesus with a crown of thorns. Oh well, his sin not mine right? lol not forcing that view on anyone of course. If anyones interested in listening to the songs, I'll add a link to them at Amazon. Psychosocial Duality those two are GREAT songs! Also, Before I Forget is a good one to. They are all .99 cents a piece at Amazon, which is a good deal because I've seen them sell as single MP3's for 2 dollars plus. So go check it out! =D

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