Friday, July 1, 2011

Ray William Johnson! =D

Has anyone else heard of the guy on youtube called Ray William Johnson? Well He has another YouTube called YourFavoriteMartian or something along those lines. He'smaking music videosnow, cartoons of course lol. Now I will say these videos may not be "kid friendly" so it's not something you would show your 8 year old! :O But some of the videos are funny like the stereotype song and b*ich got a pen*s.
Another thing, has anyone heard of a guy named Raja? He's a "drag queen"? Well, I had seen screen captures of Tommy Joe Ratliff in a music video of Rajas called Diamond Crowned Queen and I went to watch it JUST because Tommy Joe was in it, but actually ended up liking the song a little lol. Go check it out on you tube its Raja Diamond Crowned Queen!

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