Friday, July 15, 2011

To Fat To Have A Parent?

So a lot of people have seen that a law is trying to be passed where overweight kids will be taken away from their parents. I guess no one will know their real parents in a few years! Some kids can't help being fat. Some have health conditions that cause them to be overweight, some have genetic disorders, some are disabled. Me personally I'm overweight due to a medical condition. I make to much insulin! My doctor told me that I was the opposite of a diabetic and was making to much insulin so my body stores it as fat until it needs it. A lot of people suffer from this condition and it's very common in overweight people who aren't diabetics. I've been checked several times because doctors thought I was a diabetic. I finally went to a doctor with a lot of experience in weight loss and she said "I bet you make to much insulin." I NEVER HEARD OF THAT! She said it was actually really common but not a lot of doctors think of it. All it took was a simple blood test to make sure I wasn't a diabetic, which was normal. After that was cleared I was started on a diabetic medication for insulin regulation and she said "We'll up the dosage until you start loosing a little bit of weight naturally." Sure enough I started loosing weight with no change to my diet at all! I was taking 500 MG of metformin twice a day. I lost TEN POUNDS in just a couple of days and my weight didn't go up and down so much. It was a miracle! I had struggled with weight for years and just kept gaining no matter what diet I was on, and it took just a simple pill to solve it. Now I will warn you all who think you suffer from this, talk to your doctor about it. It IS a problem if its left untreated. Ask your doctor to test you for diabetes, after that if you are not a diabetic then ask your doctor if it's possible you could be making to much insulin. Ask them to put you on a trial diet to see if you lose weight on that plan. If you do keep doing it to see how long it stays off, if it comes back and you're following the diet rule by rule then confront your doctor again about it and ask her to give you a trial of metformin to see if it helps you loose weight. Now beware, if you don't have diabetes and your insulin level is fine then a long term trial of metformin or a similar drug may damage to your pancreas. But if you TRULY cannot loose weight no matter what diet you follow, exercise program, or even with medication for weight loss, then please go to your doctor you may have a small problem like this one. Getting it treated is very simple and once your insulin is regulated you won't never have to take it again unless it acts up again. Metformin is the medication I was on and I took it every day twice a day for two months and managed to loose 20 pounds with no diet change and I still continue to loose weight even without the medication. 

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