Adam Lambert Fan Page

Ok so on this page, I'll be posting AWESOME Adam Lambert stuff. Adam Lambert's awesome anyway, so yea lol. Anyway, this page may include Adommy as well so...YAY!!! =D

June 19 2011-
Ok so everyone who's an Adam Lambert fan knows Adam recently went to Moscow Russia. Tommy seems to now have red looking hair instead of blonde, and Adam...grew out his hair again! =D I liked tommy's blonde hair, but he's still cute lol. I still like Adam more because...his hair is black and he has major eye liner...-daydreams- oops sorry...
Anyway lol I'll be putting pictures up soon to so yea get ready for that! =D

June 27 2011-
HI everyone!=D So just checked my facebook and got SUPER excited! Adam added me on facebook =D Sorry excited fan girl moment lol. Anyway, I found some hilarious photos of Adam and Tommy and some Adommy (which needs to be back in the Adam Lambert concerts...) anyway I hope they don't offend anyone lol and if they do,then you don't know funny =D Im also adding a Tommy Joe Fan Page! =D