Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, long time no see!

Ok so it's been a loooonnnggg while since I've posted! Thanks to someone commenting, who I didnteven know had read it, I'm making another post. So what to post about today, oh wait I know.

Kim Kardashian or whatever. Have you guys heard about how much she spent on her wedding?! 10 MILLION dollars! There are people in the country starving to death and she has 10 million to blow on a wedding, wow amazing. People can't find jobs, cant pay bills, can't afford food, housing, or anything but God forbid a celeb can't spend 10 million on a wedding! Now, I will say it was a beautiful wedding, her dress was perfect, but still.

Ok and a bunch of people watch that show called, the real housewives of beverly hills.  You all have probably already heard Russel killed himself right? I'm not saying the guy wasn't depressed but does anyone else think its publicity? Like he's not really dead it was just like a play or something just to get attention? Oh yea and more money. If my thoughts are wrong I'm sorry but I'm not going to believe it until I see a photo of his body in a coffin. Which by the way,no photos that I know of have been taken of really anything that proves hes dead.

Ok, now on to facebook. I've met a LOT of new friends. Otherwise known as "Glamberts". In those friends I've learned about one VERY weird girl. She tried to play her facebook off like she was the real Adam Lambert and said he was male and female and was pregnant. Even the REAL adam lambert was talking about her, stupid girl! Did she think she could ACTUALLY pull that off? Wow, people can be stupid sometimes. Anyway, bottom line the girl is stupid as she can be.

So what else is in the news? Anyone hear about Chaz Bono going to be on Dancing with the Stars? YEA ITS HAPPENING! I'm glad to see him on there! Cher is a beautiful woman, and sure Chaz used to be a girl, but who cares? Can he dance? Probably! I'd watch it! Props to Chaz for not being ashamed of himself!