Sunday, August 21, 2011

OMG Busy!

Omg Ive been sooo busy lately! Im trying to clean out some office space and found out something super exciting LOL and it's just amazing but busy. Anyway, I'm cleaning out an office space, like I said, and the problem isn't just it being dirty or cluttered but it's been uninhabited for probably a couple of years.
With it being summer the wasps are all around in it. Ive searched all over the web looking for more natural ways to kill them or repel them. Now everyone suggested hair spray, what it does is when it dries it just keeps them from flying but it may still attract the other wasps and cause them to sting YOU.
Now, Im the more natural type when it comes to stuff like this. I've heard about these wasp trap things. They don't use any harsh chemicals or anything which is great to put around trees or buildings since its less hazardous. So I made one out of a combination of different things and Ideas. I actually made a lot and I will give you the instructions below if you would like to try it out.

The best thing is to make sure the bottle is colored red,orange, or yellow like a bright reflective tape or something. It attracts the wasps to your trap.
Now you will need a bottle like a 2 liter coke bottle (that works best) but even a few of the smaller ones like a 12OZ or something works. COKE A COLA BOTTLES WORK BEST SINCE THEY ARE BRIGHT RED.
Next, with caution, cut the bottle off at the neck. Usually its just a few inches below where the cap is on the bottle. The best place to cut on coke bottles is where the bottle starts to round.
Next throw away the cap because you wont need it
After that get the bigger half of the bottle (this is the bottom of the bottle) This part is where you will put the items in to attract the wasps
Now there are many ways to bait the trap I have used plenty, the best is put one teaspoon of laundry soap in, 2-6 teaspoons of water, and one table spoon of sugar. The sugar attracts them, the water would drown them, and the laundry soap will kill them later in case they escape. Other ways is pure sugar water, where u put about 4 tea spoons of water in and a table spoon of sugar and mix well. Some people use a cup of apple juice and pineapple juice (canned pineapple juice is fine) Ive actually used apple sauce and water and gotten a great result.
If it is spring or early summer its better to use some meat (nasty yes) but raw meat works best like hamburger meat in some sugar water. This is when wasps are looking for protein and chicken just doesnt cut it lol. However, in later summer and early winter sweet items work best, but you can still use meat with it.
Whatever mixture you use make sure it is mixed well.
After you mix your items in the lower half of the bottle take the neck part you cut off and place it UPSIDE DOWN like a funnel. This will allow the wasps to get in but since the opening is so small it makes it hard for them to escape.
tape the funnel part down so it wont blow away when you place it outside.
It helps to put some cooking oil like vegetable oil or Vaseline or even petroleum jelly on the funnel part so they will slip into the hole
You can also poke holes in the top of the funnel/bottle and put a string through it to hang in a tree or some where else.
Make sure you put a sign on them to tell people it is a wasp trap. Please don't hang them in high traffic areas that people are around often. This is a wasp trap which means living wasps will be attracted to it and if people are around they may anger the wasps and be stung.
On mine I printed out some bright red and yellow signs saying "CAUTION WASP TRAP"

This has really helped a lot with getting rid of wasps. Another technique I don't recommend is if you know where the nest is you can soak it with soapy water and run. It may kill them in minutes but it is VERY dangerous because it wont kill them instantly and they can still chase you. It is best to place traps early morning or night time because the wasps are asleep. NEVER TRY TO TAKE DOWN A WASP NEST THAT IS ACTIVE!!!! THEY WILL CHASE YOU!!!! Who knows if you're lucky you may catch the queen of nearby nests!!!! That will take out the whole nest or most of it because the others follow the queen and if she is stuck in your trap the others will follow her.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hi everyone I haven't posted in a while i've been soooo busy lately! I'm so sorry for not posting! Anyway, this is a very special post. Unfortunately for some reason blogger refuses to upload my blog videos so video blogging may be a while away BUT in better news, I'm thinking of uploading a "It gets better" video to you tube! First I'll post my "speech" in this post so you can read it and hopefully benefit from it before I record the video. The way I have it planned may be TOTALLY different than the video because on these subjects I speak my heart when I get into it, I don't go through a written thing. Anyway read on for my "speech" in quotation marks =)

"Ok,look I'm not going to sit here and tell you I know what it's like to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or anything like that because I don't. I do know what it's like to be bullied and beat up and treated like crap just because I was different.
When I was still in school, even elementary school, I was always picked on for being over weight. I had my first suicidal thought in 4th grade followed by a nervous breakdown. The story behind it is simple.
At gym class all the kids picked on me because I wasn't good at baseball. I didn't like the sport period so obviously I wasnt good at it.
When we came back the guidance counselor told us it was ok to be mad or sad about something. She told us when we felt bad to put our feelings down on paper and throw it away. I figured there was no point in telling the teachers what happened to me every day, they didn't do anything anyway. I took the counselors advice. In history I finished my test early so I turned it in and grabbed a piece of paper. I started to write down everything I felt. When the teacher walked by (I was secretive of everything because I was afraid someone would make fun of me for whatever it was) I hid the paper. He thought I was cheating and took the paper. He read it to the class and everyone laughed at me even the teacher. I immediately cried and ran from the class room. I was taken to the counselors office and she made everyone come in and apologize. It didn't help, they didn't mean it. They continued to bully me. Even on the play ground I wasn't safe!  After the classroom ordeal I didn't hardly speak to anyone for years, even my own parents. I kept to myself, became depressed, the whole nine yards. I felt like I couldn't express myself anymore. I was afraid to.
My school years, with the bullies and things, I blame for my social anxiety. I'm never comfortable around anyone. There's a guy that I absolutely love to death and I can't even be comfortable around him! I don't eatin public because I'm afraid of someone "picking on me" even at 18.
It didn't help that my mom ended up abandoning me because she was ashamed of me. She loved my step sister more than me because she was the social butterfly and a cheerleader and she was skinny. It was depressing to be second. It was also depressing to be compared to someone you've only known for a few days. As soon as my step dad and my mom got married, I was instantly supposed to change. I was forced to be like a live in maid for my step sister and drunken step dad. One day I even woke up in the middle of the night and he was walking naked through the house. When I told my mom she grounded me and told me never to tell if it was true, but I was a liar in her eyes.
What made it worse was I was literally barred in my room with no windows or anything. In the winter it would get so cold, The heater would go out and I had no heat. Some nights I thought Id freeze to death, all my sources of heat were taken away. I wished for death a lot in those days, it never came. I tell myself it's because I have a higher purpose, like all of you.
You have to understand, I was even homeless at one point. When I would get home from school I would have a backpack and I would put my homework in it, and some changes of clothes and go wherever someone would take me in. I didn't have to be homeless, but finding a warm place to sleep at night without the fear of being locked up like a caged animal was better than where I was at. Remembering when I lived there, I cry almost every time. Not because of the abuse or neglect or anything, but because I felt like not even my own mother loved me. I still feel that way. I never call her anymore, every time I do she talks about how im not good enough or something.
People wonder why I support gay marriage. It's because everyone is different, everyone has the right to express themselves and be comfortable. Denying any person the right to be happy is denying them life, love, and peace. How does it get better? Simple. For me, I graduated at the top of my class because even though those bullies picked on me, I came out better than they ever did. Those bullies RIGHT NOW are mostly drug addicts, baby mommas and daddies living in poverty, while the people who were my true friends are going to college. Me and my friends were picked on in school. It took me a while to find people who understand what I've been through, but I found them.
Bottom line, it gets better. It gets much better. I promise it does. If you ever need someone to talk to you can email me at I'd be happy to talk to you. I dont care who you are, your skin color, you orientation, I just care about you because you are a PERSON not a animal, or some sort of freak. You deserve to be happy no matter what. You CAN be happy,but you have to be here for that to happen. If you aren't here the problem is just left for everyone else who is. Taking yourself out of it doesn't solve anything. It gets better, but only with your help and the help of others. It won't get better overnight but someday, it will be so much better than you could ever imagine."