Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nut Cases

Sorry, I just have to rant for a second before I explode or something. My mom is so freaking controlling of me! She hardly ever spent any time with me when I was growing up or anything, she openly admitted she didn't want me and if she had her choice I would have been aborted, and now shes suddenly wanting to control me! Im a daddy's girl for a reason, he was my dad AND my mom when I was growing up and he still is. As soon as I turned 18 I wanted to get my mom out of my life for good because she was nothing but trouble! She tried to have me arrested once because I was getting peanut butter out of a jar and she tried to say I tried to kill her with a butter knife! WTF! She doesn't have my phone number for a reason. When I turned 18 I got all these crazy dreams I wanted to do like backpack to NY, go to an Adam Lambert concert, get Tommy Joe and Adam to autograph my t shirt or something, live free, volunteer, try out different types of jobs, go to art galleries with my art, try being a model, all sorts of stuff! Now all of a sudden my MOM supposedly gives a damn about what I do. She disgusts me, shes nothing to me.

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