Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have an opinion!

Ok so a lot of us have opinions right? I know I do, that's mostly why I blog lol. So I found a site called "Expotv" and it give you points for one minute reviews that you can redeem for prizes! They have a ton of stuff from gift cards to electronics to kitchen decor. They have a HUGE selection. I haven't uploaded any video yet BUT I hear it's about 500 points for every review. You don't have to buy anything either, you just review stuff you have at home! Like that soap you use? You can review it! Did you get your puppy a new shirt? You can review that to! Just about anything you have right at home you can review! That includes forks you bought at a flea market! It doesn't have to come from a major store like WALMART >=( it can come from any store even save a lot! I think it's pretty cool and I'll post when I upload my own video and tell you all about the process =)

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