Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, my brother has been to prison and everything. I told him I wanted him to take me to get my first tattoo and he said "you don't have to pay 50 dollars for a pro to do it, do it yourself, I have." So I done it just like he told me to and it looks REALLY cool! =D
1-Make an outline with some cheap pen or marker to give yourself a guide
2-get a sharp pair of small scissors or a fresh new needle
3-Sterilize the needle by dipping it in rubbing alcohol for at least 30 seconds
4-Take a cotton ball or q-tip and sterilize where you want your tattoo
5-Get your needle or small scissors(that's what I used but they were brand new so they were sharp and don't get a kid set get one in like the sewing supplies) Make sure the object is sterile, it helps prevent infection!
6-"carve" the design on your skin, take a break if you need to because it does hurt. When I done mine it hurt really bad at the first cut and it wasn't even that deep! So I took a little cube of ice and held it on a little area THEN carved.
7-When you get done, take ink (non toxic) from something like a washable marker, a pen, sharpie, etc and DRAW over the "carving" IT WILL BURN, unless you recently used ice on the spot. Even then you may feel a tingle.
8-Get some ointment like neosporin and cover the "carving" completely! Just like you would a bad cut.
9-Put a bandage over the area, like a first aid kit bandage not gauze (unless its a REALLY big tattoo which I don't recommend with this method!)
10-Leave the bandage on there for about 30 minutes to 1 hour then take it off.
11-Keep the bandage off because the spot will need air to make a scab, BUT DON'T TAKE THE SCAB OFF....unless you don't want the tattoo lol.
12-This is how my brother told me to do mine and it worked out fine. I am not responsible for you messing yours up or giving yourself a tattoo you don't like or one that gets infected. I am not a pro!

Anyway, that's how I done mine. So far its great! Looks like a pro done it! So do my brothers! =D

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