Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time Play

Ok so Ive been playing with times of the day trying to see what times of the day people are MOST likely to see my blog update on facebook and twitter and actually click it. So far, the best time of day seems to be during the time when most people would be on lunch break at work! That's somewhere between 11AM-1PM in most places. A lot of my friends go on lunch at about 12PM and get off at 1PM. Usually I post at night and get about 5 hits. I posted during the "lunch" hours today and got about 20 from facebook alone and then about 10 more from twitter! =D So now you guys have another tip for getting some traffic, post during lunch lol people get bored at work, teens are just waking up and checking facebook, and some people just ge bored at home I guess lol.
Now, here's another thing. I watched a commercial on TV today about orkin so I went on YouTube to find it. Well, I found it lol. What I say about it is....while the rents are away the rats will play guitar hero. LOL! Here's the link! ====>

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