Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ok so I owe walmart 250 dollars bause I supposedly shoplifted.....but I didn' I have to pay them to steal from ME?! That's like someone stealing your purse or wallet and u saying "oh by the way, here's you 250 dollars for your trouble"....REALLY?! Why should I pay THEM to take MY stuff? Am I supposed to keep receipts of everything I own?! AND TAKE IT ALL WITH ME?! What will they say next? Oh wait I know they said I was to friendly to people...THEY SHOULD BE HAPPY SOMEONE CARES ENOUGH TO HELP POOR OLD PEOPLE WITH THEIR BAGS sheesh!!!! I thought you were supposed to be nice to people!!! A guy I know WORKS for walmart and the walmart he works for has rats in the deli, you know what walmarts doing about it? They know about it, yet they do nothing. I know a girl who robs them blind EVERY TIME she goes in walmart. She usually takes 200 dollars worth EACH TIME, and she goes EVERYDAY!!! THEY NEVER EVEN LOOK AT HER WTF?! Then someone that does nothing they decide to stick with something. I can't even pay the fine, so that means it's about 30 days in jail THANKS WALMART. Why dont you go catch the REAL crooks in your store and get rid of all ur rodents!!!!!! Im sure no one wants to eat your rats! I know a site where people talk abotu how much they steal from walmart and one guy WORKS for them and has stolen abut 20000 dollars worth from them!!!! IN A WEEK!!!!! And they can't get them? Oh and one woman had a boyfriend that worked for them and she walked in and knew all the loss prevention guys and everything and went in there stole and walked out!!!!!! WALMART IS CORRUPT AND I HOPE THEY GO DOWN THE TOILET BECAUSE THEY FORCED ALL THE SMALLER BUSINESSES OUT OF BUSINESS AND THEN WHEN PEOPLE GO IN WALMART THEY WANT TO F*CK EM AROUND BUT NOT THE REAL CRIMINALS!!!!!

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