Friday, June 24, 2011

About Being 18

So, oddly enough I'm going to make a post about being 18 and what it'd like lol.

Being 18 is like having a new found freedom.
It's a feeling like you can do anything,
Set any goal,
Conquor the world,
And Achieve.
It's not just a number,
It's a new life,
A new start,
Like being born again.
It's scary to,
You're on your own,
You can set your own rules,
Make your own choices,
Make mistakes,
You're no longer mommy and daddy's "baby".
I'll always be a daddy's girl,
No matter how old I get,
What choices I make,
Or where I go.
Being 18 Changes a lot,
But when you think about it,
It doesn't change a lot.

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