Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ok so a lot of people are against Ellen, you know the woman on the cover girl commericals? Has her own show? Well, me and my dad just had a huge talk about her. My dad said "I can't stand her show she's a lesbian and she shouldn't even be advertising make up." I said, well, is she still a woman? YES, which means she has every right to buy make up. Heck, even if someone isn't a woman they can still buy make up. There's no law against it sheesh. Sure, I'm not a lesbian, but if I was I'd hate people who thought I shouldn't have the simple right to walk into a store and buy something like make up. Now, granted I don't watch the Ellen show a lot, but It's not a bad show, I kinda like it lol I mean I wish I had watched when Adam Lambert was on there! =D But that's not the point, the point is, gay,lesbian,bisexual, etc should have the right to do what they want like anyone else. They're still human, its not like if you cut them they bleed some green toxic acid or something geeze! They aren't freaks or anything, they still have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, heart,lungs, etc just like every other person. They aren't immortal, if they have a car crash they get hurt like everyone else! Why are people so against them?! I think the only people against them are the pervs, because they just focus on who gay people go to bed with, not who they are. Who cares who they go to bed with? A person is a person, you either get to know them for the person they are, or you hate them for who they go to bed with. Me, I like them for the people they are. I've also noticed that gay,lesbian,and bisexual people are actually some of the nicest people you could ever meet. I guess that's why most of my friends are gay. They don't judge people, why judge them?

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