Friday, June 24, 2011


Ok so since today is my birthday, the legendary 18th birthday may I add! =D So far I've gotten like 6 comments on facebook saying "happy birthday!!" and the awesomes guy ever txted me at like 12 AM saying "happy birthday kala!" so yea so far its the bomb lol. But since today IS my 18th birthday I know a LOT of the family is going to want that "last bit of childhood" today spent with them, but I'm just going to probably spend the morning and mid day with them and then the rest of the night is all mine cause now I'm grown and can do just about anything! =D It's called no longer will my license say "not 18 until..." no longer will I have to stay out of R rated movies without a parent, no longer will I have to deal with the "you're just a kid" thing in life, no longer will other people be trying to make my decisions, I'm now a full grown woman and I'm PROUD! =D OOOO that also means I can be a bit more open with my family about liking the NOH8 campaign and stuff! (My family is more southern.....O.O) BUT anyway, if I DO post, most likely it will be from my cell lol. I may even add images with the posts! =D I wonder what kind of cake the family got me this year......I'm a fat chick I have to ask that question LOL And no I don't expect a freaking cake next year, I don't really WANT a cake this year BUT I know my family...they try to keep you a kid as long as possible lol I might get a freaking dora the explorer cake LOL.

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