Sunday, June 19, 2011

Free Stuff! Seriously!

Ok so you read the title am I right? Well, I found the REAL way to get free stuff! Granted it won't be easy to get it BUT I know this site is legit because I've gotten a few things from them! Back when I was collecting yugioh cards, I got about 10 cards from them! Then I even got a few pencils! Now there's a lot more you can get on this site, like electronics, video games,clothes, etc. This site is called swagbucks and I've put a banner to the site below if you want to check it out! It take a while to earn enough points for stuff but they have sweepstakes to! Well....swagstakes lol. The way I earn is in the mornings (usuaully before 8AM) I do a search for something simple 2-3 times, and then at night (usually between 6pm-11pm) and search for the same thing or something different. Then I wait about a week before doing it again (that almost gurantees you swag points!) Once I searched, stayed off about a week and came back with 30 extra swag points PLUS when I searched I got about 100 swag points! I'mnot saying this is going to furnish you EVERYTHING you ever wanted BUT its a great way to get some free stuff, and best of all YOU DON'T PAY A DIME FOR SHIPPING!!! =D Check it out!

Search & Win

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