Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ok so I posted a link to this bog on facebook VIA a link exchange and it was an almost instant 20 hits! May not sound like much but it is!!!! All I can say is keep it up everyone! I love knowing people care about what I have to say!
Now anyway, on to what I REALLY want to blog about....Adam Lamberts hips. Do you know that song "hips don't lie"? Well, Adams are SEXY!!!! I don't care if his hips lie or not I love them! I've watched a ton of in concert videos and I can say his flexibility is a lot like that of the late Elvis Presley. Now don't go all wacky on me! I don't think Elvis was that cute, but Adam has some flexible hips goin on!
Ok and I have had a recent Tommy Joe high....he's hot! I was on deviantart and someone had posted a pic of him in a pool and omg I thought I had died!!!! =D Im just curious to know if he was skinny dipping...-drool-
Oh and I also came across a REALLY funny photo of the two in concert. Adam and Tommy looked like they was making fish faces and Adams caption says "This is what fishies do tommyz" and Tommys says "No Adum fishies go like dis!!" lol I laughed forever over it! =D

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