Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ok so everyone can use some extra cash right? Well, Ive been all over the web. I hate those sites that only pay through paypal because I cant use paypal since I don't have a bank account. I actually came across a site where you fill out forms for about 50 cents each. Now that doesn't sound like much but these forms only take about 2 minutes or so, so when you fill out about 15 a day, thats just 30 minutes a day, and they pay you 50 cents for each form then thats about 7 dollars and 50 cents for 30 minutes which is about 14 dollars an hour! A lot of people out there are stay at home parents, teens, "lazy", have medical conditions, etc and look all over for online jobs and they end up getting scammed! This web site offers to pay you through check or paypal, their minimum pay out is about 40 dollars USD. That's the site if anyone wants to check it out.It's easy to fill out forms, its also called Data Entry. This is the most legit way to make money online that i've seen so far so go check it out! =D

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