Monday, June 20, 2011

Check Out NOH8

Ok so I made a totally fan made video supporting the NOH8 campaign. I totally support it and I encourage other people to support it to. Its like a sign said that Adam Lambert posted on twitter..."its not gay marriage its marriage, Its not gay parking either, I dont gay park". So I'll say this, all you people who don't like gay,lesbian,or bi people...GET THE F**K OFF MY BLOG YOU HATING SON OF A BI*CHES!!!! YOUR WHAT GIVES THE WORLD A BAD NAME AND YOUR ALSO THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL CAUSE YOU HATE THINGS THAT DONT NEED TO BE HATED! If you hate gay people, you hate yourself. Gay people have hearts, do you? Yes. Gay people need food, do you? Yes. Gay people need water, do you? Yes. Gay people have blood, do you? Yes. See? There's no difference in you and a "Gay" person. If I was to cut you, would you bleed? I think so! If I cut a gay person would they bleed to? I think so! Here's the thing, you may not be really cutting on gay people BUT you make them bleed EVERY TIME you spread your hate. Next time you get in your car, this is to gay haters,go "gay park" your a$$ in the gutter.

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