Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review of The Sims 3Generations

Ok so Im a huge sims fan. This new expansion pack has recently came out, and I actually love how "realistic" the game is now! Like you can have old people buy a cane and "harass world" lol I see old people do that all the time. Plus there's a lot more "pregnancy" outfits for sim females. Like those jackets that have holes for your thumbs to go in? They have those on there now, with a pregnancy mesh so its MUCH more modern. They have slip n slides, sand boxes, see saws, CAMCORDERS!!! =D They have a TON of new stuff, new clothes, new interactions and everything! The only down side is that you can no longer use the "aging off" cheat, you have to use your sims life time reward points to buy a potion for it which is about 65,000 points. But another plus is that you can now share your progress in the sims on facebook! =) Oh and kids and teens can have after school activities, teens can prank things like "flood the school" and "let out frogs in science lab" lol and they can even have a reward night before they graduate AND a graduation ceremony AND graduation party, PLUS prom! And married sims, can now throw bachelor and baccalaureate parties before the big day! I give this game a 5 out of 5 because its SOOOO much more realistic now! Plus any sims 2 players remember the "memory" tab right? MEMORIES ARE BACK!!! =D And you can choose what goes in and what gets forgotten!

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