Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ok so as you know I don't have anything against the gay community that includes transsexuals, BUT OMG LOL. I'm watching Jerry Springer right now and they just had a transsexual on there that the first thought that ran in my head was "DAMN THAT'S A BIG OL' SOMETHING WTF IS THAT?!" lol I hate to say it but the guy looked like a clown cause his make up was like all over the place on his face, his lipstick was WAYYY to bright for his skin tone and his blush looked like he just took pink paint and put it on his cheeks. Now again, I'm NOT against transsexuals or anything, I'm just saying this one DID NOT pull off the look as in he was OBVIOUSLY a man. Now most CAN pull off the look which is great for them! But this one didn't so if any one runs into him on the street tell him he needs some help with his make up lol. =D Again this is NOTHING against no one I'm just simply saying.

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