Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thumbs Up for Adam Lambert!

Ok so this has YET to be mentioned on this blog BUT I've been meaning to say it for a while! If anyone is familiar with Adam Lambert, then you probably know the song called "fever" right? What I LOVE about that song is that he WASN'T afraid to put "there HE goes..." AS THE VERY FIRST WORDS =D!!! Now, a lot of people probably would have been afraid to do that, but obviously Adam is open about everything. Which is an awesome thing! He's a positive role model for gay,lesbian, and bisexual people. So not only does his music ROCK, but he's also doing some good with it instead of singing about something REALLY sexual or REALLY drug related like a lot of songs are now. Plus he supports NOH8, he even done a photo shoot, SO DID TOMMY JOE RATLIFF!!!! =D It's awesome, I suggest anyone, gay,lesbian,bisexual, or even straight to go check them out! It's a great campaign! They have a facebook page, a twitter page, and even a web site with all their photos, news, and even where the next photo shoots are going to be! =) I'll post a link to their web site a the end of this post for anyone interested! =D


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