Monday, June 13, 2011

Reviews June 2011

Ok so, right now I can give points to these two groups.
Adam Lambert(of course)
Far East Movement (like a G6-?)

Adam Lambert of course because I love him! =D I recently got a Tommy Joe Ratliff high to so yea lol. And Far East Movement, because of a song called Like a G6. I've been listening to it for like a week lol.

Now for movies...Id have to say Mr.Poppers Penguins or what ever.
1.I like penguins
2.I like Jim Carrey
No Im not being bias, im just saying the man is obviously funny, stupid at times but funny lol.

I also cant wait for the next Grudge movie to come out. I heard the Grudge 4 is coming out at some point. Even though I think they sorta ruined it in the 3rd one for making a second Grudge, I still like the movies!

Another favorite of mine is Silent Hill. I like this movie mostly for the graphics. The movie did keep me on edge the first time I watched it. It wasnt scary it was more like a roller coaster that seems scary, but when you get on it you just love the ride!

Now, a lot of these movies have been around for a while but I have to still say the movies rock. Like Feardotcom. That was a confusing yet thrilling movie! I loved the ending, it freaked me out so bad!!!! It didnt freak me out like scare me it was just...OMG THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! That type of freak out lol.

Now as far as music, Lady GaGa has some new music out right? Well, I had the radio on the other day and Lady GaGa played, and honestly...I like her old work better. It seems like shes trying to change to get more support. Poker Face was a great song, I still listen to it! Bad Romance seemed to be one of those changes to, but still sounded pretty good. I dont see why shes trying to change. Sure lady gaga has a lot of haters, but her older work was much better than her new stuff!!

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