Sunday, June 26, 2011


Ok, so good morning everyone! Now, the purpose of this post is to 1. Put a little widget for my shop on Cafe Press and 2. I'm highly pissed, pardon my language. The reason I am highly pissed is because this gay thing just got personal. My friend was in walmart the other day and some guy was talking to a friend of his and the guy pointed at my friend and said "You'll look like more of a fag than that guy there" and my friend looked at him like wtf and the guy said "yea fag I'm talkin 'bout you" THIS SHIT GOT PERSONAL. Now I may not be gay or anything, but man If I would have been my friend I would have probably broke out in a fight witth that a$$ right in the store. That's just bull sh%t! Or like someone emailed me asking what color my wardrobe was....they said "I figure it's rainbow" I told them "well, rainbow is a great color, you get the best of all the colors, but Im sure this isnt a real question. Its nothing more than an ignorant person trying to take a stab at someone to try and get some self esteem am I right? I bet YOU are secretly gay and try to hide it by picking on other people. Now if you'll excuse me I have REAL people to talk to." And the idiot hasn't emailed back HA! But yea this sh%t got personal's a different story when it's not yourself but when it hits close to home....that's when it gets shot in the face and blown to pieces because I am NOT dealing with ignorant people!
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