Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Walmart Really?!

Ok so has everyone heard about how WALMART won a lawsuit against them? It was about how women got paid less than men did? Well didn't the USA pass a law that men and women HAD to get paid the same amount? Then how is it that the supreme court ruled IN FAVOR of WALMART....KNOWING they DID pay significantly LESS to women than they did men? Isn't that against the law? HELLO SUPREME COURT DO YOU NOT KNOW THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY ANYMORE?! ARE WE JUST GOING TO SIT BACK AND LET BIG RICH COMPANIES RULE THE COUNTRY?! WHY DON'T WE JUST LET WALMART MAKE THE LAWS?! OH WAIT THEY ALREADY ARE!!!!! That's like the "mentally challenged" the only reason WALMART gives two cents about them is probably because Bill Clinton signed a law when he was president saying the government would reimburse any company that hired handicapped people! Now don't get me wrong, they deserve a job like everyone else, BUT if a company hires them for the money, then that's just bull crap! I know that if I was hired some place that the company hired me because they wanted to not because they wanted more money on top of the billions and billions they get every year in profits on stuff they sell for 100 dollars that only cost them about 5 bucks to make! I don't go for that crap people! Ever since WALMART pulled their crap on me, I can't stand them. All they do is lie and cheat to me. I didn't do nothing, I was a regular costumer and everything, and all of a sudden "YOU STOLE FROM US!!!" WALMART STEALS FROM EVERYONE!!!! Now,I didn't steal from those thieves, BUT anyone who does, I hope you don't get caught now. WALMART makes BILLIONS off of the stuff they sell, and that's even AFTER paying their workers and even BEFORE getting those reimbursement checks from the government!!  Now this is NOT meant to be slander or libel or anything like that, JUST MY OPINION!

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