Saturday, June 18, 2011

So Awesome!

Ok so, WALMART GOT FREAKING BEAT HA! I don't know if I've said that yet BUT I'm saying it now. All I have to do is do a "diversion" program and it's over. I don't even have to pay the fine. The court designated worker advised me not to because Walamrt couldn't push it any further since they had no proof, I was doing a diversion program, and it was first offense. She said "You call that lawyer that sent you the fine notice and you just tell him that I said you didn't have to pay it since your ok with this court." And sure enough I haven't heard anything else out of that lawyer! =D Of course I didn't shoplift, and I would take it to court BUT trying to go to college and have multiple court days? That would be a little hard to do...Anyway, all I have to do is read a book, answer some questions about it, and do a poster!
Anyway, moving on now lol. I found an awesome site for making custom stuff! It's called CafePress. The only down side is the mark up, you get a couple of dollars or so profit off of every item you sell. It's like an online store! I've made a few things on it! I've always gotten great stuff from them to. If I put a big M on a shirt, that shirt WILL look like the preview when I get it! I ordered a magnet I had made and it looked JUST LIKE it said it would! No flaw at all! I was surprised! is the site.
Oh and everyone knows about Amazon right? Like Amazon the online store? Like ebay? Anyway, I've ordered a lot of stuff from that site and I have YET to get a bad product! All the stuff I've gotten has come to me through the mail, totally flaw free! Which is really great because sites like Ebay will send you stuff that may be used when it didn't say used or stuff that's banged up or something. I got a plushie off of ebay that said it was brand new and when I got it, it had stains all over it along with a rip in it's side and the stuffing had been coming out! I sent it back of course, and they gave me back my money. Anyway Amazon is the best site I;ve found yet for online shopping. I used to go on all the time to shop, but now I wouldn't even give a penny to them!

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