Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ok so I've been going all over the web, posting this blogs URL here and there, reading Ebooks and EVERYTHING and haven't gotten much traffic! So far I can say that this stuff works a little...
1-FACEBOOK FACEBOOK FACEBOOK!!!! That's what I use the most and usually after I post my url to facebook and say I updated my blog I get 5 views in about 10 minutes.
2-TWEET A LOT!!! Me every time I make a new post I tweet it on my twitter. That gets about 2-4 views, and thats when I only had about 2 followers, now I have about 12!
3-I've posted to blog directories and really, I can't tell much difference! Sure I will say maybe one or two extra people have viewed but thats still not much at all.
4-Don't waste time with those "Get paid to blog" sites, they all suck. Now sure some DO pay ok, but only if you have THOUSANDS of people visiting every week.
5-Affiliate marketing usually doesn't work. On here, I have amazon. I've made ZERO from it. So really all it's doing is taking up space >.>
6-Don't waste time surfing the web for stuff like "free traffic" and things, they will just SPAM your site/blog. If they don't its a list of things ANYBODY would know, like tell your friends and family about your blog. Just simple stuff like that, and none of it generates any REAL traffic.
7-The last thing I've tried is YouTube. I made a video for support of the NOH8 campaign and told how I support it, and put a link to my blog and that generated me a couple of extra page views.

So honestly I can say, social networking is the BEST way to go with this stuff. Twitter and Facebook get the most for me, and best of all it's FREE. Now nothing here is going to generate THOUSANDS of page views instantly or even probably in a month to five months, BUT it will get you started. Remember ANYTHING you can post a status, comment, or anything on will get your URL noticed.  Don;t give in to those web site scammers, or become one. People hate them, plus....they scam yea lol.

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