Thursday, June 9, 2011


Ok so I was on Deviantart and seen a pic of Adam with a mustache and I have to say, I don't prefer him this way BUT oh my gosh it was pretty awesome! I liked him though when his hair was teenage emo guy style and he was hairless in the face. Speaking of being hairless, Tommy Joes hair I havent never really found attractive BUT for some reason he looks HOT with that hair!
I dont generally like guys with tattoos, but I seen a picture of Tommy Joes "NOH8" campaign photo and he was HOT AND SEXY!!!!! Id like to get him in a back room like that!!!! :P Now, Adam Lambert DID do a photo or two for the campaign which were also HOT AND SEXY!!!!! -drool- The photos were simply AMAZING! and the campaign is for an excellent cause!
So what's better than two HOT guys posing in aVERY sexy photo shoot? SEEING THEM LIVE IN CONCERT!!!! Which I have yet to do lol, but they recetly played live in Mascow Russia, and the screen shots were fantastic! It seemed the concert was totally awesome! I have updates on twitter from @adamlambert and @tommyjoeratliff and It seems like they had an awesome time! I was on youtube to and seen some awesome fan videos of the after concert. Tommy dyed his hair a reddish color and it looked awesome! I liked it blonde but change is always great, they cant look bad anyway cause they are just hot that way! lol

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