Friday, June 24, 2011

Childish Now Are We?

My brothers done the most IGNORANT thing I have EVER witnessed in my life. We started talking about the Bible and stuff, and one of my brothers said "Well, I don't like Jewish people" so I said "well then you hate Jesus because he was the King of the Jews" and he said "No he wasn't, they wasn't nothin' but saps that didn't accept him" so to prove a point they BURNED a Jewish flag in the yard WTF!? My dad said "you boys better stay off them motorcycles for a few days and get on your knees and beg the Lord to forgive you. The Jews were his chosen people you know." I think they started a "war" with the big man upstairs 'cause he doesn't seem to awfully happy about flag burning. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not pushing religion on anyone or anything, I'm just saying that flag burning is a little childish. And why are the Jews always picked on anyway? The Holocaust killed 6 million + Jewish people, wasn't that enough IGNORANCE? Geeze people get a life or get a job. People that are intolerant disgust me....

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