Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review of Second Life

Ok so I recently joined Second Life which is supposed to be a great 3D chat/game. To me the graphics and things were fantastic BUT the system sucked! I think it sucked because my avatar NEVER loaded right, it constantly got STUCK in a motion as in it walked off into the sky ALL THE TIME and I didn't even click on anything, plus the avatar NEVER fully loaded! Neither did the rooms! You may get a sky and ground and the rest is pretty much just very foggy buildings. The rooms that DID load however, were fantastic that's why I say the graphics were fantastic...WHEN they loaded. Plus, they have so many rules and things in the different "worlds" that you can't do anything without "violating" and having to leave that room. Like they have a strip club room and its OPEN, no age verification or anything! Really?! I mean a 12 year old can type in he or she is 18, or 20 or something and get in it! Granted the graphics aren't much on loading right so it's not like they can see private parts or something, it's just the concept they CAN get in. Would you let a 12 year old into a strip club? I wouldn't! I'm not 12 or anything, BUT I know 12 year olds can get on second life POSING as an 18+ year old. I have to give them credit, areas that have mature ratings, you MUST verify your age. I just think it's stupid the strip club isn't the same way! My review of second life...I give them a 2 and a half out of 5.

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